On motherhood with Özge Uzun: I will be a mother again!

On motherhood with Özge Uzun: I will be a mother again!

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Özge Uzun, who started her career as a radio broadcaster and then presented news programs for many years on channels such as NTV, Fox and CNN Türk, is experiencing a different happiness in recent days. Surprisingly, she learned that she would become a mother again and told her excitement and the transition from CNN Türk to Kanaltürk to Kehkeşan, the monthly media & magazine magazine. After the first experience of a difficult mother who never expected an unexpected moment and this news adds a different color to their lives with his wife, the famous announcer Uzun, "God entrusted me," he explains the first time a brother will come to his son Dağhan'a.
Last year, you were named the mother of the year by Bahçeşehirliler. How did you feel?
Once I was very proud and embarrassed. Because there are so many mothers like me and most of them are actually more altruistic than me. All mothers are. But my situation is a symbol. I was more proud, I had complicated feelings. I took it with my son. But for me, every day I'm with her is her day, mother's day, and I'm always her mother of the year.
You use the description of your son with “Special Needs”. In the meantime, you have a blog where you share your experiences with other similar parents. Can you tell me a little bit about that?
Very nice reactions coming. There is a situation where I get a lot of good reactions from mothers with special needs and mothers with healthy children. I think I'm pinching them a little. Some people can't know without living. It is really important to see, know, be thankful and experience the bad things. We don't have to go through something to make something experience. I'm trying to show it here. And that this is not a punishment that Allah has given you, but rather it is a great gift. I think that I am a chosen person and I have a mission to tell people something. I have this opportunity because of my work. I'm trying to use this as much as I can. I'm a bit of an opinion leader, and I'm not complaining.
Let's talk about Dağhan. What's he doing now?
He goes to school, he goes to daycare. His health is good, but we pray for him to be even better. Of course there are many shortcomings, 5 years old. I can see more of these shortcomings when they come together with younger children. But I accept him as he is, and for me his condition is very usual. He is one of Allah's most beautiful relics. Every moment he smiles at me is the greatest gift for me. In the meantime, I want to share with you a secret that no one knows, Daghan will have a brother. Actually we did not hesitate to ask this question. Because we know you have fears. It was a surprise for us.In fact it was a surprise to us as well. I hope my new child is born healthy and healthy. And there's one thing, when my new baby is born, they're gonna have big responsibilities. First of all, he will have a brother like Dağhan and maybe he will have to hold his hand for life. I also think that he has a trust of God to me and I think that it was sent for Dağhan, for me.
How did your wife feel when she found out?
Incredibly very happy. She must have had a very different feeling right now. Actually, we're both very excited. Now we are trying to tell Dağhan a little bit about this situation. My mother says “I hope we can enlarge the child's eye without carving her little baby.” Because Dağhan is really jealous. But I don't think you'il be jealous when you have a brother. Sometimes I feel like I'm betraying Dağhan. Because I have such mixed feelings as if I could love him as much as I would when I loved him. I hope everything goes well. How was the transition from CNN Türk to Kanaltürk? I think it was a time in your life that you wanted change. And for some reason, I think he came just in time. I wanted a difference in my life. I wanted to work more peacefully in a place where I was a little more valuable. That's when I got the call. There were interviews and I said yes.
Did the working conditions at CNN Türk tire you?
You know, sometimes people run out and it ends, or something like that, I guess. Sometimes you don't have much to give and receive. This is also the case in human relations. In fact, it came to such a period. I left CNN Türk very well. My program team has made me a good-bye farewell, I guess no one has ever seen it off in television history. I was greeted very well on my new channel. It's like I've been working 40 years. People embraced me very quickly, which was very nice for me. If you say goodbye, you will get good hello, if you say good hello, people will say goodbye to you. I have experienced this in both CNN Türk and Kanaltürk.SOURCE: I

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