If your baby can't sleep, it can cause restlessness at home!

If your baby can't sleep, it can cause restlessness at home!

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Yeditepe University Hospital Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Diseases Specialist Asst. Assoc. Dr. Oğuzhan Zahmacıoğlu said that the families of the children in the big cities had a sleeping problem. “How calm, calm and loving the baby is, the baby is affected positively and sleeps more comfortably”.

What causes sleep problems in babies?

First of all, it has a lot to do with the mental state of sleep. Sleep is a physiological process that has an important pillar psychology. For example, in psychiatric disorders, the first symptoms may occur during sleep. We can even say that sleeping well is a sign of being roughly healthy. It is said among the people that di he used to say that he was asleep without any worries ”. Other than that, many medical diseases disrupt sleep function. A detailed history and physical examination should be performed in children and adolescents with sleep complaints.
Genetic properties are also very decisive. If parents or relatives have sleep problems, children may also be prone to sleep problems.

What do you do for children with sleep problems?

If we find that after a detailed history and physical examination, the problem is related to the mental framework, we first look at the child's eating, drinking, that is, the manner and quality of other daily physical needs. Toilet and physical care are also important indicators of development. Apart from these, we begin to analyze patterns of behavior that are clustered around the sleep function, such as where the child lies at home, with whom he sleeps, whether he sleeps swinging, sleeping alone, or wanting a night light. We do this in order to understand the qualities of the spiritual bond between the parent and the child.
What do you offer to parents of children with sleep problems?

It is known that if mothers and fathers are peaceful, cheerful, happy with their condition and condition, and they do not experience any mental problems, children are more comfortable in the physical condition such as relaxation and self-release required for sleep. Such problems are more common, especially in the children of parents in large cities. The stress of the mothers who want to raise their babies healthy, strive to be an ideal wife, and work on the one hand, and constantly rush to earn money and pay the debt is passed to the children. In other words, neither the parents nor their children, who have a lot of material and spiritual problems in their minds, can sleep well at night. The house is dominated by what we might call infectious. For these reasons, we try to help parents to calm themselves away from stress.

Then we want them to keep their relationship with the child as much as possible. For example, is there a child who does not enjoy sleeping with his parents? Parents are required to take initiative on some issues. We give homework to parents and children to make the necessary changes and arrangements in daily life. We encourage them to change by listing their benefits. We explain that the parenting function should be continuously revised with the growth and development of the child. We remind you that baby and child care are separate situations. For example, when the baby wants to shake constantly, "No, you're not old enough to shake," he says that the child will react to it, but there are ways to cope with it. All of these are measures that will improve the child's competence in basic physiological functions such as sleep in the long run.

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