Can a male without a sperm be a father?

Can a male without a sperm be a father?

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About half of couples who cannot have children have problems with men. Diseases in children and a history of undescended testes or a disorder in the testicular vasculature (varicocele) are the most common in men who cannot have children. Bahçeci Health Group Fulya IVF Center Urology Specialist Op.Dr. Emre Bakırcıoğlu gave the following information about the subject: lar Defects in the hormones that are responsible for the production of sperm in lesser proportions (miscarriages) and genetic problems are detected. Klinefelter Syndrome is the most common chromosomal disorder. In what circumstances is it possible to treat male infertility? Sperm production can be achieved by drug treatment in the patient group, which makes up only a part of the men with infertility problems and is lacking the hormones secreted from the brain called 'Hypogonadism' and the hormones that produce the testosterone hormone. In these men, there is a case where there is no sperm output called 'Azoospermia'. So the most severe form of male infertility. The absence of sperm output may be congenital or subsequently developed. This is the only male infertility in men that can be treated with medication and we have good results. However, in order for men to achieve this happy ending, they should regularly use medication for at least 1 year and be monitored. ”

Are there improvements in drug treatment?

Urology Specialist Op.Dr. Emre Bakırcıoğlu stated that drug treatment is a method that has been applied from past to present and said: “It is possible to get positive results only when it is administered in sufficient doses and in sufficient time. When the drug treatment is continued for at least one year, the majority of the patients are successful in getting semen out of semen and even in a natural way. Couples who are psychologically desperate because of the negativity they experienced in the previous treatments, who believe that they cannot be treated and who applied to us for a final opinion. What we do; to instill confidence in patients and to ensure that they regularly control their medications during their treatment. ”

Is there a drug treatment for men who do not have hormone deficiency but do not have sperm output?

There are a significant number of patients with no sperm in the semen due to sperm production disorder in the testis. Op Emre Bakırcıoğlu said that men in this group had the chance to find sperm from testicular tissue in half by means of an operation technique called micro TESE. Mikrko TESE operation has not developed a new treatment method to obtain sperm in men who can not find sperm. However, we can treat men with low testosterone levels 2-3 months before the operation. However, a recent study found that this application had no significant effect on sperm finding. I have already observed that FSH hormone and testosterone hormone levels did not have any effect on finding sperm. This scientific work coincides with our results. ”
How often can micro TESE be applied to azoospermic men with infertility problems?
Micro TESE operation started in 1999 in the USA for the first time; the only solution for men who have sperm production disorders and who cannot be treated with medication is having children today. This is because sperms obtained from testicular tissues can be transferred to the eggs of their spouses by microinjection and embryo development and pregnancy can be achieved successfully.

How is azoospermic men diagnosed?

Urology Specialist Op. Dr. Emre Bakırcıoğlu gave the following information about the diagnosis of azoospermic men: “When we look at the average in general, the success of finding sperm is around 50%. However, for example, men with undescended testes have a chance of finding sperm at a rate of 65-70% if they have had a testis lowering operation before the age of puberty and the testis size is good. Even in men with no chance of chromosome structure disorder in the past, our new sperm retrieval rate increased to averages. In an important study we conducted in these men with '' Klinefelter Syndrome '' with congenital chromosome structure disorder, we found that the probability of finding sperm was related to age. In another study conducted last year with a larger number of men with Klinefelter, we showed that micro TESE method increases the chances of finding sperm at a young age except that sperm detection rates and pregnancy rates are the same as men with normal chromosome structure. Therefore, the examinations of azoospermic men should be performed and evaluated. In addition, the use of a microscope in surgery significantly increases the chances of some azoospermic men finding sperm in the testicular tissue and continues to have the chance to have children with in vitro fertilization methods. ”

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