Strengthen your immune system

Strengthen your immune system

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Although it is not possible to interfere with genetic predisposition or environmental factors, it is up to you to strengthen your immune system by changing your lifestyle. Specific recommendations that will ensure you have a healthy immune system can be listed as follows;

1- Get autumn fruits and vegetables on your table
Vegetables and fruits contain plenty of vitamins. We take antioxidants from these foods that are eaten during the season. Antioxidants also cleanse the body and strengthen the immune system. The indispensable fruits of autumn are pomegranate, apple and orange, and vegetables are spinach, cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli.

2- Eat sea fish at least 2 days a week
Thanks to omega 3 and other useful fats in fish content, it helps to raise benign cholesterol and lower bad cholesterol. For a healthy development, especially from childhood, the habit of eating fish is essential. In these days when the fish season starts, you should eat fish such as sardines, horse mackerel or bluefish kept from the seas for your immune system to be strong.

3- Avoid uniform food diets
Choose a balanced diet rather than a uniform diet for the sake of dieting. You should get balanced nutrition from all food groups. If the balance is disrupted, your metabolism is shifting to one side, in which case it paves the way for diseases.

4- Don't stay hungry for long
Healthy nutrition is very important for a strong immune system. Start your day with a wholesome breakfast and don't skip the main meals. Also make snacks that do not allow starvation for a long time.

5- Do not feed your children packaged food
Nutritional habits for a healthy generation should be acquired at a young age. Do not eat from packed foods so that the stomach does not empty unless you eat. Because this kind of food does more harm than good. In addition to a healthy diet, make sure that you do physical activity.

6- Don't skip the movement from your life
You must move for the food you eat to be burned in the body. At least 3 days a week, if possible every day 45 - 60 minutes walk briskly. If you don't have time, park your car away, don't use an elevator, or get off early and walk from where you need to land. If you can't do any, put on your headphones, work on one hand, walk on one hand

7- Keep track of both yourself and your children's vaccinations
Vaccinations, especially in infancy, help strengthen your child's immune system and grow in a healthy way. It can protect you against diseases for life. Decreasing vaccines should be repeated at intervals determined by your doctor. If you are working in crowded environments, using public transport or if you are a health worker, you should benefit from the flu vaccine. In addition, children who go to school to be infected with influenza vaccine is important in preventing diseases.

8- Sleep for a minimum of 6 hours per day
For a healthy immune system, your sleep system also needs to be organized. You should sleep at least 6 hours a day and your sleep hours must be at night. Because at night, the secretion of some hormones stops, while others begin to secrete growth hormone secretion. When we wake up in the morning after a good sleep, the hormone cortisol secretes us and makes us ready for stress, sudden decision-action situations during the day.

9- Wash hands frequently
One of the most important reasons for the rapid spread of microbes and the development of diseases such as influenza and bronchitis is the adequate washing of hands. Therefore, give your child the habit of washing hands with soap. Remember, the habit of washing hands begins at home and is reinforced at school.

10-Eat fruit instead of vitamin
Remember, vitamins are medications, not supplements. Those who cannot eat a balanced diet and live a stressful life can take the vitamins recommended by their doctor. However, eating fruit is much more beneficial than taking vitamins. Therefore, you can consume 2 servings of fruit regularly.

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