There's more to Leonardi than a toy store!

There's more to Leonardi than a toy store!

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Cemile Şenulubaş Tankurt is a successful business woman who has transformed her dreams into plans and her plans into reality. “Every child deserves a good toy. Erek the Leonard Cemile Tankurt says: “We are only trying to sell creative and educational toys and to make families aware of toys. Most of the toys we sell are very durable wooden toys. All can be passed from generation to generation, from child to child. Indeed, this is my goal; to reach more children. ”

: How did the idea of ​​establishing a chain of stores like Leonardi come about?
Cemile Tankurt: I have made it a habit to carry suitcases and suitcases toys to my children on their return from every trip abroad. Why did my children benefit from the chance to take advantage of other children set out. When my wife and I started this company, we made a 5-year business plan. We opened our first store 2 years ago. We planned to be 7 stores in 2 years. Right now, things are working on that plan. Even the locations of our stores were clear according to the business plan.

: Was it clear that ardi Leonardi olacağı would be a chain brand since you set off?
Cemile Tankurt: We did not enter this business, let's open a store, let's see how it goes, according to him. at first it was obvious that such a chain. The reason is; the majority of the products we bring, 80 percent of our own imports. We're doing four different brands represented in Turkey. We had to give long-term goals and projections to all of those brands, and we had to reach many locations in order to ensure the recognition and understanding of the brands at the market entry. Therefore, we set out as seven stores in Istanbul for the first two years. We have achieved this goal.

: Did your being a mother have any effect on this?
Cemile Tankurt: I am a professional person for many years. After I had two children, I quit my job and started to work as a consultant for companies in the Office home office ”scheme. The reason I chose to consult was to spend more time with my children. When you work at Home Office again, you work hard but you can adjust your time to children. Even if you are not always at home, for example, if you have a show at school, you can go. It was a very comfortable life The children were very happy. But when I thought, ım Let me do something, I am a useful person to society, what can I do? Dim I decided to do what I know best. What I know best is motherhood and playing games. Because I spent a lot of time with my kids. I've been using all the brands and toys that are currently sold at Leonardini for years. He knew the brand for many years, I was carrying my continuous visits abroad to Turkey. There was no in Turkey, but had abroad. Why did my children benefit from the chance to take advantage of other children set out. When you set off like that, you can't stay in a store anyway. Reaching more children is your only goal. He was my target on the road. More stores, more products were not my goal; to reach more children. Most of the toys we sell are very durable, wooden toys. It can be transferred from year to year, from generation to generation, from child to child. Indeed, this is my goal; to reach more children. ”

: Why did you choose the name “Leonardini??
Cemile Tankurt: Leonardini is a Turkish brand but a word of Italian. Leonardini means little “Leonardos olar. I wanted the children to be stimulated by both science and art. The reason I choose Leonardo, I have not found someone so in Turkey. I believe he is a good figure to teach children versatility because he is both an artist and a scientist. Let's find a name so that we can easily pronounce; and I wanted to be told easily when we opened abroad.

: So, do you have any idea of ​​going abroad?
Cemile Tankurt: I aim to market Turkish toys such as rope, ball, dreidel and musket abroad. The world is becoming a global village. I want to make a contribution to that village. Our aim is to produce Turkish toys and export them to European countries.

: So, what points do you pay attention when importing toys?
Cemile Tankurt: I believe that playing with all kinds of toys and children that are branded, high quality, enrich the child's life, open up the imagination, teach him something is just as important as the school. Based on this belief, we gathered the products of ELC (Early Leraning Center), Fiesta Crafts, House of Marbles and Orchard Toys, which are world famous and reliable toy brands under one roof. There is no toy in any of our stores that I will not play for my children. I choose the toys one by one, I select them by touching them all. Therefore, I believe that we have established a very sincere relationship with the consumer. You can buy toys from us and say that you are not satisfied. There is also the idea of ​​adding other brands in the Leonardini project over the years. Once the benefits of such toys and the contribution of such toys to children are understood, we can add new ones.

: How did Leonardini affect your motherhood?
Cemile Tankurt: We were planning to work hard to get into this, but we didn't plan to work hard. My children have had very little time for 1 year. My children are very complaining. Now I understand all working mothers much better. I'm holding on to what I do for him. Because the quality of the time we spend becomes less important. The way to spend time in the highest quality is through such toys. Because all of these toys are aimed at improving the quality of the time. This is our mission. I know I'm a mess for mothers and fathers who work for him. But now, like all working mothers, I am a conscientious mother every day. When I think to myself, I say “Good thing there is Leonardini ard. That's what I'm saying. because I saw that I added a lot to the lives of children and working parents. Good thing I have Leonardini. If I had worked in another job and had not Leonardini, I would have felt a greater remorse for my children.

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