What is the right sport for children?

What is the right sport for children?

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In order for children to become healthy adults, they need to love sports and make them a lifelong habit. Parents should be guided by children in the habit of doing sports. Back-Up Sports and Fitness Consultant Serhat Sıdal shares his suggestions with parents who want their children to be sports individuals.
How should my child start sports?Back-Up Sports and Fitness Consultant Serhat Sıdal said that the child should be a professional athlete or an individual doing sports. benefit. This process can last for a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 12 years. Your duty as conscious parents is to ensure that your children love sports so that they can become healthy adults and make life-long sports a habit. If this love is vaccinated at an early age, it will continue for life. Please note that the child wants to play. The biggest mistake made is that when children feel the need for play in childhood, families turn sports into a pressure, and the child's psychological and physical characteristics are brought into competition and competition without being fully prepared. Traumas in this period may negatively affect the whole life of the person. It is not the right way to put pressure on him in a sports he doesn't want, especially in an environment he doesn't want. ”
What is the right sport for my child?Adding that it is very important that the child is directed to a sports branch according to his physical characteristics, personality structure, financial opportunities and environmental conditions, he added his suggestions on this subject:
• Given the genetic factors, tall children from a tall family are likely to be raised, or we have a chance to obtain information about the future stages of the child's physical development through physical measurement tests in some medical centers. Accordingly, it may not be right for a child to be tall to be pushed to branch in sports such as gymnastics, dumbbells, horseback riding.
• Another task for families is to provide their children with the opportunity to try different sports as far as possible. Choosing the branch of interest of the child and the support of the family in this direction produces good results.
• If there are conditions in which your child can continue professionally in the field he / she is branching, the family should remember that after this level, he / she must meet his / her school, transportation, private lessons and, if necessary, supply of equipment for sports at the highest level.
• In order for the child to become a habit that he will love and practice for life, he must first perceive it as a fun game and do it with pleasure.
• Regular sports activities begin with play movements in infancy, which is very important for the future development of a healthy individual and physical development.
• Educational physical activities with timing, balance and reaction enhancing games should be performed without any branching in childhood. The best way to achieve muscular development at these ages is to have the child do exercises with his / her own body weight.
• After the age of 16, weight and interval load training can be done according to the physical development.

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