Golden recommendations for a peaceful home with children

Golden recommendations for a peaceful home with children

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1- Do not make exceptions

As long as my child is happy, do not do everything he wants. Do not make privileges when making decisions. You have strict rules and do not go beyond them because children are very smart and they want to use a privilege you know in other places and they can put you in a difficult situation. So be clear in your decisions and rules.

2- Establish a routine order

If you make any small changes to your child's regular work, your child will not forget it. However, when it is time to go to sleep or when to eat, things should never change. This kind of routine behavior will make your child feel more comfortable. The learning process will become easier as things need to be simplified.

3- Don't offer too many options

It's good that your child has a choice, because he learns to make his own decisions and develops a sense of self-confidence. However, you should present the options to your child and the number of options should not be too many.

4- Forget about democracy

Unlike all other virtues, democracy does not begin at home. You don't always need to consider your children's ideas or explain every behavior to your children. Sometimes even explaining can make it more difficult because your children may think that you have given them the right to argue. Therefore, instead of embarking on long explanations, make it clear what the issue is, and kiss your child away.

5- Don't constantly bring up the same issues

If you are constantly discussing the same issues like playing computer games, eating junk food or changing clothes, you should stop. It is entirely up to you to end these issues. If you don't want to discuss these issues anymore, you can solve this problem by not having junk food in your home.

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