Recommendations for summer pregnant women

Recommendations for summer pregnant women

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Although the increase in heat in the summer affects everyone, most pregnant women suffer from the condition. With the increase in temperature, hot flashes, palms and soles burning, allergic problems, nausea and vomiting increase, fatigue, insomnia and shortness of breath, such as some complaints increase. Don't let the rising temperatures distort you. Liv Hospital Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Op. Dr. Cevahir Tekcan made suggestions to pregnant women who want to spend cool and healthy. 1) Choose to do outdoor work in the morning and evening, where the sun's rays are less effective.
2) When the temperature exceeds 32 degrees Celsius, be in a fan or air-conditioned environment.
3) Angle-colored, cotton, linen and silk clothes are preferred.
4) Drink plenty of fluids to keep your body free of fluid. Low fluid consumption is common in pregnancy; urinary tract infection, constipation and hemorrhoids cause problems. Untreated urinary tract infection can cause many problems such as preterm labor and the threat of miscarriage. Normally, a pregnant woman should consume 2 liters of water. 250-300 cc of water should be consumed every hour with the summer. Sodium reduced soda can be drunk to reduce electrolyte and mineral loss. It is necessary to avoid excessive tea and coffee consumption.
5) Minimize salt intake to combat increased edema with heat. But don't cut it all. Because you and your baby need salt. Relax by lifting your feet up with cold water baths to reduce swelling on your feet.
6) Protect from sunlight and sun. Sensitization, dryness and blemishes on the skin are common due to increased hormones during pregnancy. Use sunscreen with at least 30 factors when going to the sun. They will prevent stains and help protect you from the harmful effects of the sun. When sunbathing we recommend sunbathing in the shade and preferably with a t-shirt on it. Use moisturizing creams for your dry skin after showering.
7) To prevent hot flashes, take a warm shower frequently. The sprayed water you carry with you will help you cool down. Fruit drinks made from cold yogurt and milk also help cool you down.
8) When going out in the sun or at dinner, sour foods, foods containing barbecue sauces to avoid reflux-increasing foods such as. In addition, in the evening, rather than excessive calorie and heavy food, prefer lighter and digestive and eat at least one hour after eating do not go to bed. This will also help you sleep comfortably.
9) Take a nap frequently. Also, if you feel sluggish and tired, make sure you get help.
10) Limit weight gain by exercising. Exercise alternatives are available for swimming, hiking and cycling. Create an opportunity and swim. With swimming, you can almost work all the muscles of your body, you can also provide psychological relaxation. For swimming, you can use the sea and the pools which you are sure of hygienic.

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