Smoking affects reproductive health

Smoking affects reproductive health

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Cigarette, which is the main cause of many health problems from heart to vascular diseases to lung diseases, creates negative effects on reproductive health of women and men and invites infertility. Emphasizing that smoking reduces the chance of conception as well as in vitro fertilization Eurofertil Medical Director Hakan Özörnek, Kadınlar Women smoking during IVF treatment reduces the chances of pregnancy by reducing the quality of eggs to be used, ”he said.

Scientific studies on the negative effects of smoking, smoking shows that negative effects on fertility. Smoking, which has negative effects on reproductive health in women and men, adversely affects women's ovaries. Eurofertil IVF Center Medical Director Dr. Erdoğan stated that the harm caused by smoking to the ovaries is directly proportional to the duration of smoking. Hakan Özörnek, “The nicotine substance in cigarette tobacco reduces the secretion of female hormone in the ovary cells and creates genetic abnormalities in egg cells. In addition, the egg cells stored in the ovaries decrease rapidly due to smoking, which leads to the risk of early menopause in women. ”

Causes infertility in men

Men who smoke more than one pack a day have a decrease in sperm count and motility, and deterioration of sperm shapes occurs. Smoking leads to infertility on men, indicating that research has been revealed. Özörnek continued: araştırma A study of 120,000 men in Britain revealed the negative effects of smoking on men. According to the research; smoking leads to infertility in men. ”

Negative effects on IVF treatment

Emphasizing that women who continue to smoke during IVF treatment reduce the number of eggs used in fertilization. The sample stated that continuing smoking had a negative effect on pregnancy and birth chance and increased the risk of miscarriage. Stating that smoking cessation increases the chances of pregnancy 2 months before starting IVF treatment. Özörnek, uzun Although prolonged smoking causes permanent damage to female egg cells, quitting smoking before starting treatment positively affects the chances of success. Women who smoke during pregnancy increase the risk of miscarriage and giving birth to premature babies. ”

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