Toys, our baby and us

Toys, our baby and us

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Toys for children are always fun and interesting. However, it is not a lot of fun for parents to know and know what purpose they will serve without just seeing them as toys. We parents often ask ourselves what kind of toy should I buy when we enter the toy store. Preschool children gain their imagination and social skills to a great extent with toys. Not only this, children are developing speech skills, motor skills and hand-eye coordination faster with the right toys.

When should I start buying toys?

From the moment they crawl, children are starting to explore and learn the environment quickly. In these months, as much as toys for our baby at home security is very important. Although we lock all the drawers, cover the sockets, and even place the items in the safest way, our baby will find us with the details you have forgotten every day and will encourage us to take new precautions. In this period, babies need objects that can perform actions such as lifting something from one place to another, pushing, pulling, stuffing things into something, emptying, nesting and stacking. If we don't want our baby to develop these skills on our household items, it's time we get the toys he needs.

What kind of toys should we buy our children?

When we look at infant toys, colorful shapes, buckets of the kind that toys will be filled and emptied, wooden or sponge blocks, superimposed, intertwined boxes, wheeled toys that can be pushed back and forth, and the most appropriate type of toys with small pieces of wood or plastic puzzles.

Especially after 12 months, the curious explorers of the house have started to know and examine everything with great curiosity. During this period, colorful and sound toys attracted the most attention. Nevertheless, I must warn you that among all the toys you buy, children never stop playing around at home. Moving goods, storing things somewhere in the line reaches the habits. If you have a child of this age, biscuits filled in your shoes, poor lipstick stuck between the lid, your mobile phone stolen in the trash bin, your wallet removed when you open your purse and the remote control of the television should not surprise you too much.

During one to two years of age, children are increasingly interested in toys that they can enjoy doing something. Geometric shapes, letters, numbers, more jigsaw puzzles, musical instruments become fun and entertaining toys. Especially after the age of 2, the role of parents and professions started to be more interesting because doctors, firemen, mechanic tools, costumes, grocery stores, kitchen sets, tea sets, babies, toy irons, brooms and home appliances became more interesting. to develop their imagination. Besides, looking at plenty of picture story books, painting, playing with play dough can be a nice tool for children to learn to do something sitting down.

This period continues to gain experience not only with toys, but also with physical activities such as climbing, jumping, throwing objects or even throwing objects. In this period, you can see children repeat the same movement routinely from time to time, climbing and jumping up and down the chair, climbing up and down the ladder, and hitting the toys in the hands of each other with noise. When I first read about it in my early motherhood, I perceived it as a strange theory because for years we were shown to be mischievous. However, if these are known as learning exercises in which children discover height, inferiority, proximity, distance, textures, surfaces, objects, develop motor skills and strengthen their muscles, perhaps we would take less “stop, stop, sit” commands from our parents and give our children less. The best thing we can do about this kind of behavior is to watch and see how he learns, instead of stopping him, unless our child is doing any serious harm to himself or the environment.
Making sure the safety of the toy…

Finally, a reminder to parents who have just started new toys shopping oyuncak In many countries in Europe, toys have been produced since 1995, subject to safety regulations and the law and are registered with the “CE” symbol. Unfortunately, many of the cheap toys that enter our country illegally have this symbol on them, but they do not pay attention to the laws and regulations of the paint quality they produced, cheap prices and bad materials can tell itself. When buying toys, you should pay attention to the preference of the toys of the safe brands that are known to be produced in these standards for children and to shop from the safe stores. Maybe your baby may have less toys because of the cost, but the important thing is not how many toys you buy for your baby, but that you have chosen the right toys for your development and health.

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