About Yüksel Ak and motherhood: My princes!

About Yüksel Ak and motherhood: My princes!

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How is life in Izmir?

- It is very peaceful… Man is both physical and spiritual here.

ak is listening, resting. I am very happy to be away from the hustle and bustle of Istanbul. I spend the winter months in İzmir and the summer months in Çeşme. You live like a holiday here. Izmir is the most beautiful place where a family can live…

Did you miss the catwalks?

- I miss it, but I'm not burning. Last 15 months ago Cengiz Abazoğlu'nun fashion show podium

I was out. Soon after, I got pregnant. It's nice to go to the podium once in a while, but only occasionally…

What changes did your second baby have in your life?

- Kaya is now three months old, with Can 3.5 years old. It's true that I have a busier life, but it is very enjoyable. My mother and mother-in-law help me, they make my life easier.

Was your pregnancy conscious?

- Yeah, he was conscious. Actually, I wanted to get three years between your two brothers, but I looked at it that would push me, so I wanted to make a little more break. It would be hard to deal with the other before one started school. When I suspected that I was pregnant, I and my husband (Osman Rimer) conducted a pregnancy test at home. The result was positive, we were both very happy.


Would you like your second child to be a girl?

- I'd like to, actually. Because you're a mother.

must be a very nice thing to have both boys and girls. But after birth, it's a good thing I said I had another son. Now if I get pregnant for the third, I'd like a man again.

How was your pregnancy?

- Actually, there were differences in my two pregnancies. For example, Can's pregnancy was a summer and was very comfortable. My body never made edema. It is also a very big plus for a pregnant to wear light clothes in the summer. Kaya's pregnancy coincided with the winter. Winter forced me. In my second pregnancy, I gained more weight, and even in the seventh month I felt very, very heavy. The common feature of my two pregnancies is that I do not suffer from nausea in the first three months ik

How much weight did you gain?

- I gained 12 kilos in Can, 16 kilos in Kaya… I was quite appetite. I thought I could eat anything easily. But I never neglected my walnut, fish and fruit.

Did you do sports?

- I practiced yoga after the third month of my first pregnancy. I didn't do anything when I was pregnant with Kaya.


How did you tell Can Ares he had a brother?

- We didn't say the first three months just in case. Three months later, he told me that he and his father would have a brother. At first he didn't understand much, of course, when I saw my stomach grow, he began to notice.

Did you have a normal birth or a caesarean section?

- Both were epidural caesarean sections. The first one was very comfortable, I had no problems, but I can't say the second one was that easy.

Why is that?

- Because after birth I had a flu, I kept coughing. This made my stitches hurt. I slept for 10 days without moving.

Has your wife gone into labor?

- No, he didn't. Already our doctor did not support much.


Are you breastfeeding?

- Yes erse If my milk continues to sound like this, I can breastfeed for a long time. I have plenty of dessert for my milk. I had nursed Can for 19 months.

Have you experienced postpartum syndrome?

- I guess I didn't… I was over-emotional for a while but I didn't have any other confusion.

You don't look like a woman who gave birth three months ago, how did you lose her pregnancy weight?

- I didn't do anything. As long as I'm breastfeeding, I never worry about these things. Because at that time, I feel totally like my baby. I do not do sports until the end of breastfeeding or diet ... On the contrary, I eat and drink everything I want.

How do you explain motherhood?

- I think motherhood is a joy. After the birth of Can Ares and then Kaya's joining us, we became a full family. I take care of everything of my children myself; I prepare their meals, I make their bathrooms and all this gives me a lot of pleasure. Even when I was my first mother, I had no difficulty. His own mother knows a child best, so I think only his mother can do the best thing. Therefore, I take care to meet all the needs of my children.


Did being a mother change you?

- I think a woman gets rid of all her selfishness after becoming a mother. In the past, when you were thinking only about yourself, after getting married and especially after becoming a mother, you start to think of others. This brings maturity. For me, for my wife, the priority is children. We make every plan with the kids in mind.

They say the size of a marriage changes after you're a child, really?

- I think having a baby has a good effect on marriage. At least it was for our family. The boy definitely brings joy to the house.

Do you think of the third child?

- No, two are enough for us. May Allah give good health to my two sons.


Have little jealousies started among the brothers?

- Jealousy began before birth. Can used to listen to me more often. Now he's a little bit reactive both with his rebellion and jealousy. He doesn't care much about his brother's care, but from time to time he comes and kisses his brother.

What do you think is the most difficult part of taking care of two children at the same time?

- I find it hard to wake up at night. On the one hand, the most difficult thing for me is to breastfeed Kaya and on the other hand to allow Can to fall asleep again.


Source: Hürriyet Newspaper

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