Protect Your Baby From The Sun With 50 Factors

Protect Your Baby From The Sun With 50 Factors

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As you go on holiday in summer, you need to prepare the luggage of babies as well as adults. Among the first to be put on the suitcase is a solar product with a high protection factor. Because it is necessary to protect the babies from the sun and the rays reflected from the sea. Acıbadem Kocaeli Hospital Child Health and Diseases Specialist Ali Kaya said, önce Before leaving the babies and children's 50 factor sunscreen crawl. ”

: When should sunscreen cream be applied?
Dr. Ali Kaya: Babies and children His skin is more sensitive than big people. Therefore, they are more susceptible to allergens and damage from sunlight. Adult people can stay in the sun for half an hour or 40 minutes per day. However, considering the sensitivity of the skin of babies and children, it is necessary to start applying the sun product as soon as it leaves the house. When the mothers take their babies to the seaside, the sun product continues. Therefore, it is necessary to calculate the time of sunbathing as the time of leaving the house.

: When and how many minutes should babies stay in the sun?
Dr. Ali Kaya: It is possible for babies and children to increase their sunbathing time by five minutes each day. In the meantime, the time period when babies and children are taken out to the sun is very important. The most suitable times can be 10:00 and 10:30 in the morning or 16:00 to 17:00.

: How many factors should be used for infants?
Dr. Ali Kaya: If you are going south for holiday, you can use 50 factors, 30 factors solar products in Istanbul and surrounding cities and regions where sun rays are more inclined like Black Sea Region.

: Do sunscreens with a factor of 50 or more prevent bone growth?
Dr. Ali Kaya: High-factor sunscreens do not interfere with the synthesis of vitamin D from the skin and bone development. Even if you drive these products, this vitamin is entering the baby's body.

: What are the points to consider when choosing and using sunscreen for babies?
Dr. Ali Kaya: Products that do not cause allergy, itchiness and easy application should be selected in infants. The product needs to be renewed every four hours. The earlier the use of sunscreens, the less harmful the sun will be in the coming years. In the meantime, babies sunbathing on the beach, even if the sunscreen product is used to sit with swimsuits, cotton, light color, plenty of clothes should be worn.

: What do you recommend for families going on holiday?
Dr. Ali Kaya:
- Infant syrup antipyretic, insect bites and prevent swelling cream do not forget.
- For the treatment of wounds that may occur, take batikon solution, gauze, hat, loose and light colored, thin, sweat-proof cotton clothes.
- Babies are easy to digest, juicy foods, puree-style foods, care to give. Do not leave your baby dehydrated as water loss will be high in summer.
- If your teeth are about to come out, have a medication with antipyretics and painkillers in consultation with your doctor. Gels applied to the palates can be beneficial when fed with massage. Prevents itching of the baby's palate.
- Diarrhea may occur in holiday villages with pools. In order not to have diarrhea, it is important to drink plenty of water and take care not to sweat. If diarrhea has started, fever is around 37-37.5, if accompanied by vomiting, cannot be fed orally, consult a doctor as soon as possible.
- Insect and bee sting against the cream to be used in the first 5 minutes to be careful. Because these creams do not work when applied late.
- Do not apply fly repellents because the baby's skin is sensitive.
- When sleeping at night, use tablet-shaped fly repellents and never use aerosol-style fly killers. Do not spray fly killer medication in the room.
- Chlorine used in cleaning the pool, high rates of damage to babies when disposed, irritates the eyes. You can contact your doctor and use an ointment or eye drops to prevent irritation. It is also very important to wash the eye with clean water.
- Don't put the kids in the pool alone. There are filters at the bottom of the pool. They work very fast, children can get caught in these filters and be damaged. Do not allow your children to swim in the pool and sea without a cuff.

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