Mı Is my child lacking attention? ”

Mı Is my child lacking attention? ”

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Your child cannot stand still, does he always feel the need to jump or climb? If your answer is 'yes', do not underestimate these symptoms by saying tur it is a child, naughty ”. Because, under these behaviors, there may be 'Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder' which may lead to mental breakdown and become an individual having serious problems in academic and social life due to his behaviors! The good news is that thanks to early diagnosis and regular treatment, she can continue her life as a happy, productive person who has gained a good place in the society. Emel Bellibaş points out that it is very important for the parents to see a doctor in a timely manner and to perform the appropriate treatment without interrupting it! Often confused with 'attention issues'Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist Emel Bellibaş, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), the cause of which is still unknown, many factors are accused, in general, is a disorder caused by different problems related to the work of the brain, he says. Other mental disorders such as the presence of ADHD cases in the family, various traumas, anxiety disorders and psychological development disorders predispose to this disease. ADHD most of the time; It is confused with “attention problems gelişen that develop due to malnutrition, stress, environmental conditions exposed and drugs used. However, ADHD is congenital and, unlike 'attention problems', it can progress far enough to severely impair one's daily functions.Does your child have Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder?Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist Emel Bellibaş warns that if your child has started before the age of 7, you should immediately consult a psychiatrist:1.It exhibits rude attitude to friendsHe can exhibit compelling, sometimes rude behaviors in his relationships with friends. For example, he can insistently want his own game to be played in his own way. He can lose control of anger enough to say rude words when rejected. From time to time it can also show harmful behavior.2.If you can't keep the game to the endHe can't wait while setting up the game, he can't wait his turn, and he wants to be president because of impulsivity. He makes the rules himself, but he can't keep the game to the end. Because of this attitude, he has problems in his social relations. 3. Suddenly angry, losing control quicklyIf she feels that she is not respected or approved in friendship, she cannot get depressed by her family and school, she may be depressed and may have anxiety disorders. As a result, it becomes an individual who is often suddenly and severely angry, losing control quickly.4.If he cannot give attention to detailsHe often has difficulty giving attention to details, making careless mistakes in school lessons or other activities. For example, he / she can take letter mistakes, mark the wrong options in exams, perform with repetitive mistakes, jerk off, and act sloppy to finish homework as soon as possible. Therefore, he can avoid tasks that require constant mental effort.5.Has running, jumping, climbingHis hands, feet are wiggling, or he is sitting and wiggling in his seat. He runs around in inappropriate situations, jumps on seats or climbs somewhere. He does not hesitate to take risky behavior, for example, he can jump from high places. 6.It speaks a lot and often jumps to other topicsHe talks a lot or forgets what to say when he starts talking, jumps to another topic, gets distracted from the main issue as he gets confused. Most of the time he interrupts or interferes with others.

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