Nutritional advice for children on holiday

Nutritional advice for children on holiday

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Summer holidays are usually one of the periods in which consumption is considerably increased in terms of foodstuffs. Although the excess and diversity of food consumption during the holiday periods does not affect adults much in terms of metabolism, children are affected very quickly and deterioration in their health status occurs. Therefore, in order to protect children from various diseases, especially during the holidays, their nutrition must be in the most perfect way. German Hospital Nutrition and Diet Specialist Seren Aksüs, He stated that seasonal conditions should be taken into consideration in the nutrition of children and explains the things to be considered in the nutrition of children in summer:

“Attention should be paid to water consumption of children during the summer holidays. Children who play outside or in water should not be allowed to remain dehydrated for a long time. Seasonal fruits such as melons, watermelons, cherries, strawberries, plums, which the number and variety of children are very popular in summer, should be preferred. Children's favorite food ice cream, must be among the options that can be preferred in summer. However, the consumption of ice cream should not be more than 1 time a day and not less than 2-3 times a week. We should try not to overfill our children's stomach. Lighter summer menus should be preferred and salad and vegetable consumption should not be neglected. Yogurt, tzatziki or ayran must be on the table. ”

Things to consider when traveling
While going on holiday, we need to pay attention to the nutrition of our children on the way. Nutrition and Diet Specialist Seren Aksüs, tells the following things to be considered during the journey:
Öncesi Before and during the trip, we must prevent our children from consuming food that we have not tried before. We should prevent our children from starving during the journey and take a break at 4-5 hours intervals and meet their drinks or food needs. We should take care to buy foods such as biscuits, sandwiches, fruit juices instead of foods that are difficult to consume on the road such as winding and stuffing. We should prevent our children from consuming excess salty foods (pickles, brine, etc.) that will cause thirst on the way. In addition, we certainly should not forget to take water with you. ”

Attention to restaurant food
There are many things to consider when feeding our children with ready meals in places like holiday villages or hotels. MWT. Seren Aksüs gives the following information on how children should be fed with meals prepared by others in holiday resorts:

- Do not consume foods that differ in taste, appearance or smell
- Replace your water needs with closed water instead of open water.
- Do not use tap or tap water against possible dangers.
- When traveling abroad, be sure to learn in detail the contents of the foods to be consumed.
If your child is allergic to a food you know, always remove it from feeding.
- Avoid excessive chocolate and excessive spice consumption that may show allergen effect.
- Make sure that there is a doctor in the accommodation facility.

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