How should sexuality be told to children?

How should sexuality be told to children?

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How to answer to what age?2-3 years: At this age you can teach your child names like penis, vagina. 3-4 years: The question nereden Where does the baby come from? Lar begins to be a subject of curiosity during this age range. At this age, your answer to your child should be free of details: ın You lived in a place called the uterus in my stomach for a while and you were born when you were old enough. ”4-5 years: When the details become important for children, there is a new question: nasıl How is the baby born? Iz Your answer should be clear enough to satisfy your child, but not to confuse:5-6 years: A child of this age knows that a baby is made jointly by his mother and father. What he is curious about is how this partnership is achieved. The most descriptive sentence you can give to your child at this age should be: sperm When the sperm in the father and the egg in the mother combine, the baby starts to form. ”6-7 years: It is the age range in which it is ideal to explain the relationship in the most basic way to the child. You can say: “Nature (or God) created man in two ways: men and women. He designed the bodies of the men and women he created to fit in exactly the same way as pieces of a puzzle. When the pieces of the puzzle, the penis and the vagina are joined, the sperm swim like the newborn offspring of the frog into the egg in the womb of the woman and the baby begins to form. Say that both words show love and love between two people. The right approaches to certain questions and situationsThe child does not expect you to be ready to begin his sexual questions. If you want to be prepared and give answers that will satisfy him, you should prepare yourself with some scenarios. Here are a few examples of questions that you may be asked and the answers that you may be eligible to provide. Üç What's that? Unuz ​​your three-year-old boy shows his penis while the diaper of his newborn brother is changed. At this point, trying to close the subject by breaking the bottom change speed record is not the right approach since it will not resolve the question mark in your child's head. On the contrary, you should be glad to have the opportunity to teach your child the difference between boys and girls. Tell him in a calm tone. This is important for convincing your child that this is quite normal. “This is one of the differences between girls and boys. Men have penis, girls have vagina. So your vagina, your brother has a penis. ”• “Mom, why does my penis get hard?” If you have come face to face in an environment that you cannot answer with this kind of question, you can approach your child quietly and say, “This can sometimes happen, very normal. Don't worry, it'll soften up in a little while, let's talk about it when we get home. Siniz You can postpone it for a while. However, it is important to your child's trust that you do not forget to fulfill your promise when you go home. Neden Why does hair grow where you pee? ”The most correct answer to this question is to be honest: en Where people grow up, they grow hairs on their armpits, legs and on men's faces. You don't have to be small yet, but it will happen when you grow up. “Mom, some people have two mothers. How is it?" Although it is not accepted by a large number of people because it contradicts the traditional structure in our country, homosexual family structure is quite common in the world. This kind of confusion may confuse your child because he sees a family structure based on intense male-female association around him. You can answer her as follows: “The friend's family consists of two women who love each other. Just like your father and me. They live together and take care of their friend, they love it. ”If your child tells a homosexual person that he or she has heard humiliating words in the classroom and asks you about their meaning, instead of telling them the meaning of these words, they can probably tell you that their friends don't really know the meaning and you can tell homosexuality in a language that he understands. “Sometimes a man falls in love with another man. This is very natural. Some people don't tolerate it and say bad words to hurt them. This is also very wrong. ”• Nasıl How does the sperm go to your mother's egg? ”It's not as hard to answer as you think. “When the father is close enough to the mother, the sperm comes out of the penis through the penis and enters the mother's vagina and reaches the egg. The inside of your mother's body is a very special place. The mother here stores the sperm from the father. Se If mak approaching mez is not enough to satisfy your child's curiosity, you can summarize the following: Just like the finger can go through a button hole. ”• “How does the baby come out?”It is very important that you explain this question as accurately and clearly as possible. Try: “Most babies are born from the mother's vagina. You can think of the vagina as a tube in your mother's womb. The vagina stretches during birth just like a flexible fabric, and when the baby reaches the opening where it can come out, the baby leaves. Sometimes the vagina is not as flexible as the baby can be born. Doctors then remove the baby from the mother's belly by surgery. ”• Your child is at the computer and there is a naked woman on the screen. First of all, you should remind yourself that this is a natural curiosity and you should not be angry. On the contrary, you need to go and tell in a calm tone that websites with such images are not suitable for children. Remember, prohibition increases curiosity. It is best to check whether it has downloaded any images and to adjust the Internet security settings of the home computer. • You saw your child touching his genitals. The child begins to discover his body at an early age. Babies try to touch their genitals while changing their diapers and when they reach the age of 2-3, they try to reach their genitals through their clothes. However, this is not exactly the act of satisfaction called masturbation. So in the end does not contain a desire for orgasm. What is important to them is the pleasant feeling they touch. When you see your child in such a position, tell them that this is something that requires privacy. Orum I know you like touching your penis, but this is something you should do in private, without showing it to anyone. ” Talking to the childProfessor Dr. Bengi Semerci gathers the rules of talking to children about sexuality under the following headings: • Sexuality is not only about the body. • Understand the question • Do not judge the questions • Make your answers as simple as possible. • Explain the types of touching your child • Teach your child what you believe and think. Explain how women and men should treat each other. • Teach privacy • Use with biological names without changing the names of your genitals. After the age of three, parents should use the correct anatomical names. • Evaluate speech opportunities. Begin to speak of sexuality early • Explain the next period.Againful answers at an early age are important for the healthy functioning of this process and for a healthy lifelong sexual life.

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