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We continue to compile the activities that will enable you parents to have fun with your children in this section. This week we are also introducing two different activities. Our yardım surprise mouse İlk, our first activity, can help your young child develop both fun and motor skills;

Activity 1: Surprise Mouse

• Colored background cardboard
• Wooden latch
• Rope
• Adhesive
• Color crayons

• Children are allowed to cut two triangular pieces with rounded corners on the bottom and top surface of the mouse from the background card of the desired color.
• They are asked to attach the two parts to the top and bottom of the latch.
• Draw the eyes of the mouse on the cardboard to be glued onto the latch.
• A tail is attached to the lower part of the latch, that is to the part that will be the lower part of the mouse.
• Children can put this mouse as a fare surprise mouse ere in different places. They can hang on the edge of their activities on the painting board, give gifts to their friends, put on their friends' clothes and prepare them for surprise, and use them to prepare tiny surprises for family members at home.
• The mouse can also be used to express the emotions of children by using the mouse bilaterally. For this purpose, one side of the mouse is red and the other side is prepared from black background cardboard. During the day, everyone can put their own mouse on their collar, choosing the appropriate direction to indicate their happiness or unhappiness.

Activity 2: Tambourine

• 2 embroidery hoops
• 5 nails
• Soda caps
• 2 small bells
• Color ribbon
• Adhesive
• Scissors

• Straighten the soda caps with a hammer.
• Fasten the pulleys to each other with the help of nails.
• Drill the center of the flattened soda caps to two ribbons.
• Wrap the pulleys fixed to each other with ribbons.
• Wrap the ribbon between the pulleys with the ribbons where you place the soda lids.
• Attach small bells to different places.

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