Unknown about Down syndrome

Unknown about Down syndrome

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During the weeks and months of a pregnant woman's excitement of being a mother, one of the most important problems that keep her head busy is whether her baby has a solid body and a level of intelligence. Doğan Hospital Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Uz. Dr. View Demet's Full Profile Describes one of the most common intelligence problems, one of those curious about Down syndrome.

As little as one percent of some problems with the newborn baby is encountered. These problems range from very easily identifiable to very difficult to diagnose. In today's conditions, almost all of these problems can be diagnosed in hospitals and centers with sufficient technical equipment and experienced staff. Down syndrome is one of the problems that can be diagnosed.

What is Down Syndrome?

Down Syndrome is called a chromosomal disorder that occurs in the womb during the structuring process of the baby. Dr. Demet Çankaya says: Down Down Syndrome, which was previously thought to be in the pregnancies of women 35 years and older, is also encountered in the pregnancies of young women today. Dem

Amniocentesis required?

The main principle in the follow-up of pregnant women is to determine the well-being of the baby without resorting to amniocentesis. However, in case of doubt, this test is used. Amniocentesis is a test conducted to determine whether the baby's chromosome structure is healthy by taking some water from the intrauterine environment, where the baby spends time swimming in the latest at the fifth month of pregnancy, and at the fourth or even third month earlier. Dr. Çankaya says about amniocentesis: düşünmek It is wrong to think that amniocentesis is a very simple test. Because, according to the statistics, one of the 100-200 pregnant women who underwent amniocentesis, miscarries in 3-4 days following the needle prick, and they lose their babies even though they are healthy. 1 percent or as little as 0.5 percent according to some studies, this situation, pregnant mother and her relatives preparing for the process, as well as the physician and her team performing the operation very upset. Therefore, in cases where amniocentesis is required, it is necessary to inform the pregnant woman and her relatives in detail about possible adverse events. Blood tests, which are known as triple tests, have been developed for many years and provide reliable data if they are performed in the sixteenth week of pregnancy (near the 4th month). The obstetrician will explain the results of the triple test to pregnant and her relatives and share the anxiety or joy with them. ”

For early diagnosis

In recent years, there is a new blood test known as the dual test, which has brought the time for suspicion or withdrawal of Down Syndrome closer to the earlier period. In this test, two hormones for the same purpose are investigated in the mother's blood and the disease is estimated according to their levels. Dr. Çankaya describes the test as follows: test In this test performed at the 12th gestational week (near the 3rd month), the probability of Down Syndrome is estimated according to two hormones called Free BHCG and PAPP-A. A detailed ultrasonographic examination on the day of this assay raises the correct estimate of the subject to 97 percent. In this ultrasonographic examination, important indicators such as neck and back of the baby, nasal bone, heart rate, head-butt distance are examined. Following the double and triple tests, the next important test is the detailed ultrasonographic examination. In the fifth month, sometimes even in the fourth month, all the organs of the baby, which has become a small person, are examined in detail. As expected, in a pregnant woman who does not interfere with her monthly checks, possible problems will be solved quickly and your physician will share all kinds of joy with you. ”

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