Indigo children types

Indigo children types

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According to Nancy Ann Tappe, there are 4 different types of indigo:

HUMANIST: It is the group that will work with the masses. Tomorrow's doctors, lawyers, teachers, merchants, businessmen and politicians. They talk extremely friendly to everyone. They have very strong ideas and opinions. They are hyperactive, somewhat clumsy and messy. They are also extremely social.

Conceptualists of: They are more interested in projects than people. Tomorrow will be engineers, architects, designers, astronauts, pilots and officers. They're not clumsy. They are athletic. There is a tendency to manage those around him, and the person they are trying to manage most is their mother for boys and their father for girls. This type of indigo tends to dependence on adolescents, especially drug pills. Parents should closely monitor his / her behavior.

ARTIST: They are much more sensitive than other indigos and are usually smaller. They are interested in art and are creative. They are teachers and artists of tomorrow. If they fall into the medical field, they can be surgeons or researchers. When they enter the field of fine arts, they become the creator of the creator.

DIMENSIONS: They are larger than other indigos. They are the ones that will bring new philosophies to the world. They can also be bullied because they are much bigger and not compatible with the other three types.

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