How about a babysitter of foreign nationality_

How about a babysitter of foreign nationality_

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In my last week's article, I talked about your child's language learning and the necessity of speaking different languages ​​in today's societies. In this week's article, I would like to talk about how you can help your child develop language by getting a foreign babysitter to your child. Now, you may ask, nereden Where did this foreign babysitter work come from?. But we advise you to keep in mind that such an experience for your child's language learning at an early age will improve it in many ways.

I'm sure you think a babysitter from a foreign country is too expensive. Yes, you are right. With a prejudice in mind, especially from old films, you may think of this as an opportunity that only rich families offer to their children. But today, thanks to different exchange programs, especially young people can go to different countries to babysit and enrich their own experiences as well as your and your child's experiences. You can also consider one of these programs and offer your child this unique opportunity. The best known of these programs is called pair au pair emi system. Let's take a look at this program briefly…

What is pair Au pair??

Especially in England, America and some European countries and in our country, it is a program preferred by women between the ages of 18-27. It is also called Au-pair maternal help. The Au-pair program is most commonly applied in the UK. Au-pairing should be accepted not only as a language but also as a cultural program.

Duties and Responsibilities of Au-pair:

  • To awaken children, to prepare their meals, to help them take a bath, to ensure that their rooms are kept clean and tidy, to take and bring them to school, to help their classes, to make them sleep on time.
  • Close attention to children's health.
  • When the family goes out in the evening, spend time with the children 2 or 3 nights a week.
  • 2-3 nights a week to babysit.
  • Shopping, helping with general household chores (ironing, dusting, keeping the house tidy and clean).
  • Au-pair is not responsible for infant care, especially if it does not prefer. Generally, kindergarten and older children are taken care of.
  • Can't use the house's phone and internet connection without family permission

Duties and Responsibilities of the Family Against Au-paire

  • Au-paira should be provided in a safe environment, nutrition and private room
  • Au-pair should be seen as a member of the family and assist in the adaptation process.
  • Families have to pay a full and regular au-pair's weekly pocket money.
  • They should help ensure that the Au-pair regularly has time to attend a language school.

The advantages of the program to the family and the child:

- You do not have to rush to pick up your child from school, your carer can assume such responsibilities.

- Your child is not alone when he comes home and can spend his time efficiently thanks to someone who is interested in it.

- Your child will have the opportunity to experience and observe a different culture and thus develop his perspective.

-When your child is sick, you can stay at home comfortably and you can have a comfortable day without being between your work and your child.

- Your child's social activities, doctor's appointments or other activities do not have to be postponed because you are working.

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