Summer feeding tips for preschool kids

Summer feeding tips for preschool kids

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Dietitian Cemal Aytaç Ak, Öncesi It is very important for preschool children to consume three regular meals during the summer months. Having a late waking up and having a late breakfast is not the right approach to reducing the meal to two. Erek

: What is the most important point that parents should pay attention to in the preschool age?
Dr. Leaf Iron: Preschool age is a very shaping period in terms of feeding habits in children throughout their lives. What families often do is the more they feed the wrong child, the more they feel perfect, fulfilled their responsibilities and good parents, which is not true. Forcing a normal child to eat more than the growth development, compared with what other children eat, can change the child's eating habits in a way that will harm his or her health in the future, and it should not be forgotten that the behavior of adults in nutrition is the most important factor for the child to imitate at this age.

: In summer, what kind of nutrition program should be followed in hot weather?
Dr. Leaf Iron: It is very important that preschool children consume three regular meals during the summer months. Having a late waking up and having a late breakfast is not the right approach. Between meals, confectionery, pastry, fruit instead of biscuits, freshly squeezed fruit juice, buttermilk are important foods to be preferred especially in summer. Increases in temperature during the summer months also cause some changes in nutrient needs. The need for liquids increases considerably, but the fruits like buttermilk and watermelon, melons, grapes should be preferred first. In addition, temperature increases cause some slowdown in metabolism. Therefore, it is necessary to get less energy in summer compared to winter. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day in summer as well as every season. During the approximately 12 hours between dinner and morning, all the nutrients in the body are digested; thus, the food consumed in the morning breakfast is used more efficiently in the body to meet a part of the energy and nutrient requirements required for the day. Since preschool children are in the play age as well as their mental and physical development, most of the energy needs for their physical activities should be met at breakfast meals. The nutrients needed by children in this age should also have a balanced distribution in their meals.

: Breakfast a substantial meal. What should be included in children's breakfast in summer? Could you indicate in sequence?
Dr. Leaf Iron:
• It should be rich in carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are the main energy source for muscle and brain. (Bread, fruit, juice, cereals are rich in carbohydrates.)
• Iron content should be high. Iron is necessary to prevent anemia known as anemia. (Eggs or enriched cereals, molasses can be consumed.)
• Must be rich in calcium for bone development. (Milk, cheese, molasses are good sources of calcium.)
• To reduce the risk of future cardiovascular diseases and obesity should be lower than fat and cholesterol (Cheese may be preferred instead of meat products (sausage, salami, sausage).)
• A breakfast rich in pulp is important to prevent constipation. (Fruits, vegetables, whole grains can be preferred) Diarrhea is a common disease in children in summer. If your child has diarrhea, you should stop eating foods with high pulp content.
• Liquid content should be high. (Increases the loss of fluid by sweating the body in hot, humid weather. Refreshing drinks and fruit with high water content helps to cool the body.)
• Must include vegetables, fruit or freshly squeezed juice. (Especially to meet the need for vitamin C.)
• It should consist of various foods. For example;
1 glass of milk, 1 egg or cheese, olives, bread, fruit or tomatoes;
1 glass of freshly squeezed juice with cheese toast;
1 glass of milk, cereal flakes, fruit.

: What are your recommendations for lunch and dinner?
Dr. Leaf Iron: Your child's lunch and dinner should also be adequate and balanced in terms of energy and nutrients, such as breakfast. Foods from four basic food groups should be available at the same meal to meet the increasing liquid and mineral needs in summer. In order to meet the nutritional needs of your child, you can offer the foods you need in different ways, or you can replace the foods you do not want to eat with other foods of a similar nature. For example, if your child does not want to eat spinach, you can make spinach pie or you can have yoghurt or ice cream for your child who does not want to drink milk. Frequent frying during the summer months is a food that should not be preferred because it contains high fat and causes cancer. Grilling, boiling, baking or cooking with your own juice are healthy choices. Since the stomach capacity of children is smaller than that of adults, you should not force your child to eat more, but you should serve their meals in small portions.

For lunch, a meal consisting of 1 portion of meat and vegetables (4-5 tablespoons), half a bowl of yogurt, 1-2 slices of bread or pastry, fruit or freshly squeezed juice is a healthy choice.

At dinner, you can meet your child's nutritional needs with a meal consisting of 2-3 meatballs, meat / chicken / fish (grilled, boiled or baked), rice or pasta (4-5 tablespoons), salad, 1 cup buttermilk, fruit or milk dessert.

: Should I take a snack?
Dr. Leaf Iron: Children's eating habits occur in preschool period. Therefore, it is important to meet the energy and nutrients that your child needs to gain the habit of snacks. During the summer months, your child is required to take a large amount of fluids in the snacks to regain the amount lost from the body. Make sure to consume freshly squeezed fruit juices, milk, buttermilk, ice cream, fruit and drink plenty of water between meals.

: What should be considered when going to holiday resorts?
Dr. Leaf Iron: Parents should allow their children to choose their own food, especially when making buffet choices in holiday resorts, which gives them a sense of freedom. It gives them the motivation to control what they eat. The main problem in adult obesity is that the individual cannot control the diet.

: What should be a sample meal for children in the summer months?
Dr. Leaf Iron:

Egg or Feta Cheese
Tomatoes + cucumber
Noon:Meat or legumes
Vegetable meal
Evening:Meat or legumes
Rice or pasta
Fruit or salad
Search for:Milk or Yogurt

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