Curiosity about abortion!

Curiosity about abortion!

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1) What is abortion? Why is it done? Abortion is the method used to terminate pregnancy. In non-pregnant, intrauterine surface tissue (endometrium) sampling (biopsy) is also called abortion.2) Who can have an abortion and up to what week of pregnancy? abortion until the 10th week of pregnancy can be done legally in Turkey. 3) Is there a risk of abortion? If so what? Risks, bleeding, infection, organ damage, as in any intervention. Although it is very rare, internal organs may be damaged by perforation of the uterus. To reduce this risk, it is correct to perform the intervention under ultrasound image.4) How is abortion performed? In the abortion process, under the anesthesia, the cervix is ​​enlarged with instruments that we call dilators. Then, the tissue inside the uterus is vacuumed out by entering the enlarged cervix with a vacuum catheter.5) What should be done after abortion? Operation is daily. You wake up 5 minutes after the procedure and you will usually be discharged after 1 hour. A decreasing amount of bleeding is expected between 7-10 days after the operation. Imaging should then be performed to confirm that there is nothing left in the uterus.6) Does abortion affect or prevent subsequent pregnancies? Today, vacuum procedures do not affect subsequent pregnancies. The scraping method used in the past made it difficult to conceive because it damaged the inner surface of the uterus, causing adhesions to form.7) Is it clear at the next examinations that abortion is performed? After a period of time after the abortion operation, the examinations do not reveal that you have had an abortion before.8) Are there other methods used to terminate unwanted pregnancy? Nowadays, in many countries, the termination of pregnancy with the help of medicine which can be called as medical medical evacuation is used. With the use of two drugs, uterine contractions are low. A small percentage of this procedure under medical supervision requires abortion for the remaining tissues. This method does not apply in Turkey.Organized by: Ege EBCİN
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