Do you care about egg aging?

Do you care about egg aging?

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It is also possible to encounter female cases of ovarian aging in young age. Usually in women 35 years after the decrease in egg reserve begins. This process continues until the age of 45. At age 45, the reserve of eggs is thoroughly reduced and the process of entry into menopause begins. But this is not always the case. Bahçeci Health Group Umut IVF Center Gynecology Specialist Assoc. Ulun Ulu─č made the following statements about ovarian aging at a young age:
En What is meant by ovarian aging is actually the decrease in the number of eggs and the quality of the remaining eggs. As the quality of the remaining eggs decreases in the women whose ovarian reserve is decreased at an earlier age, it is as if the aged eggs are left in these women. Sometimes doctors say: 'age on the birth certificate is 29, but the age of the ovary is 40'. When ovarian aging occurs in young women, the potential for conception decreases. When a newly married woman who wants to have a child is suspected of ovarian aging, a depressing situation occurs. However, from another window, an opportunity arises in such patients. Because many women who do not know that their ovaries are getting old lose their precious time in vain.
So how to tell if the ovaries are getting older?Unfortunately, it is not possible for women to understand ovarian aging. Aging of the ovary does not cause menstrual irregularities or menopause. This can only be understood by gynecological examination and hormone tests. To date, studies have not found a definitive method to detect ovarian aging in advance. The ultrasound images of the ovaries suspect the infertility specialist. In addition, FSH and estrogen measurements during menstrual period provide information about ovarian aging. In recent years, the AMH test may also provide information about the aging of the ovaries, although it is uncertain. The test can be done to find out the potential to become pregnant.Do all women have to be tested on suspicion that my ovaries are getting older? Ovarian aging is a condition that shows the potential to become pregnant, not whether to stay pregnant. Therefore, the discourse of 'it is not possible for an old woman to get pregnant with her ovaries' does not reflect the truth. We recommend that women who are married and want to postpone their pregnancy should have this type of test done so that they do not regret it in the future. Unfortunately, the discourse of 'I do women's career, I do children' does not reflect the truth.
What should women do with ovarian aging?First of all, women with ovarian aging should not postpone the process of conception. Methods should be applied from simple treatment to more complex IVF treatment within a reasonable period of time by drawing up a roadmap by contacting a specialist physician. Ovarian aging is not a reversible condition, nor is it possible to rejuvenate the ovaries. What is important here is to make the most of the remaining eggs. There is no treatment for ovarian aging with drugs.

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