Should aesthetic be done after childbirth?

Should aesthetic be done after childbirth?

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With birth, the body changes and after the birth, the body is expected to pass for at least the period of pregnancy to regain its original state, so that the body gradually regains itself. Only after waiting for this required time can be considered aesthetic procedures. Superplast Aesthetic Center Op.Dr. Hüseyin Güner noted that some mothers may enter into a negative but temporary psychological period known as postpartum depression, and that this is not the right time to decide surgical interventions. In short, the mother can make a right and healthy decision only when she is accustomed to the new situation in her life and her body completes the natural recovery process.
There is no obligation to apply the surgical method for abdominal stretching as before. 3DEEP RF, the laser-assisted endoscopic mini-abdominal stretching method, is preferred over conventional abdominal stretching when advanced sagging is not possible. If the patient also has a mild to moderate fat surplus, adding focused ultrasound therapy with Ultrashape provides permanent removal of fat cells in the abdomen.
Breast erecting / recovery is a preferred procedure in order to eliminate this deformation by the loss of shape and tightness of the breasts after birth and especially after the breastfeeding period.
Laser Lipolysis application in a single session abdomen, waist, basin, arm, tick and leg area is used to get rid of fat and tension.
After a non-surgical abdominal stretching, the person can immediately return to social life. Ultrashape application is 3-4 sessions, 3DEEP RF application is 5-6 sessions. When administered consecutively, the total administration time is about 45-60 minutes per session. Procedures do not require anesthesia, do not cause pain. After the procedure, the person immediately returns to his / her social life. 6 weeks after the last session, the final result is achieved. Breast lift surgery usually takes between 1.5 and 3 hours. The results of the breast lift operation are long-lasting. After the operation, the remaining suture marks remain for some time, but disappear almost completely over time (95% of patients within one year). Hüseyin Güner, finally, kontrolü Weight control during pregnancy is the most important factor for me not to deteriorate the form. We strongly recommend that mothers visit a dentist after childbirth. Alert.

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