How do you teach messy children to be organized?

How do you teach messy children to be organized?

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Being regular, living regularly is one of the most important habits that make life easier. In health researches, it is emphasized how important it is for our bodies to live regularly. For this reason, individuals should give importance to living regularly and have habits to adopt this lifestyle in order to live healthier and better quality.

Some people choose to live by themselves with a tendency that they are born to, and others learn by living in society and then adopt it as a way of life. In order to ensure that these habits develop in the best way, individuals should be educated at an early age and encouraged to live in this way. Otherwise, children will encounter many difficulties in their advanced years and will be away from quality life.

In particular, mothers often complain about their children's disorganization and irresponsibility. Remember that eliminating this kind of negative behavior at an early age will have a significant impact on children's future lives and will prepare them for a quality life! For this reason, it is one of your most important duties to provide your child with various experiences explaining the importance of regular life.

What can you do?

? If you want everything to teach your child to be regular or to live regularly, you should first pay attention to your own habits and lifestyle. If you are a very irregular person who doesn't know which item he has left, make sure that most things you teach your child will stay in the air, because you are the best model in front of your child, your child will learn and imitate your behavior before everyone else!

? Provide cabinets, boxes or baskets that are sufficiently large for your child to store their toys. If your child does not know how to collect them after playing with their toys and where to put them, they will not be able to collect their toys so they cannot be organized.

? In your child's room, you can use pictures or shapes to show which toy belongs, so that your child will learn more easily where to put which toy, and the shapes you use will help him to remember the location of the toys. For example, stick a picture of a book on the shelf where your books will be placed, so your child will understand that books should be placed on that shelf.

? One of the most important features of being regular is having certain routines, various routine practices that you will apply to your child will help him / her to gain habits in some subjects and prepare him / her for regular life. For example, brushing teeth before going to bed should become a routine, and your child, who is accustomed to this routine, will also have the habit of living regularly.

? Make daily or weekly activity plans with your child so that you can teach your child the concept of planning that helps to live regularly.

? You should read books written on this topic and read them to your child. After the reading process is over, talk to your child about the book you are reading and try to understand what your child has in mind about the subject.

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