Pregnant and traveling

Pregnant and traveling

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Undoubtedly, as the summer months approach, the most important issues for pregnant women are whether they can travel or if they are adversely affected. Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Opr. Dr. Gökmen İyigün, if necessary precautions are taken, there is no obstacle for pregnant women to travel, on the contrary, travel is a very useful situation for the mental health of the expectant mother says.

Stressing that traveling is a good opportunity to prepare for the tired days and nights after and after birth, Opr. Dr. Iyigun says: uz We recommend traveling for the mental health of the expectant mother. However, you still need to take some precautions and see a physician. This is because the first three months of pregnancy are sensitive periods in terms of low risk and the last three months are sensitive periods. Even if the pregnant person is not in a risky period, he / she should not take a holiday in a region without a health institution. ”

All types of transportation can be selected

Op. Dr. Gökmen İyigün emphasizes that pregnant women can choose any kind of transportation means for travel and continues as follows:
“Pregnant women can take all kinds of vehicles in land, air and sea transportation. However, they should take pre-travel measures according to the characteristics of each. While traveling by sea is quite safe, it should be noted that nausea and vomiting may increase. Pregnant women with severe nausea should avoid traveling by sea if possible. Those with or without mild nausea should also take preventive medications due to possible seasickness. The most important problem when traveling by road and rail is the circulatory disorders due to long periods of inactivity. They should walk at every opportunity and especially during breaks, consume light foods, take plenty of fluids and wear comfortable clothes. They should also be informed about the medical institutions on the travel route. ”

Opr said that air travel is a comfortable and safe method for pregnant women due to its short duration. Dr. Gökmen İyigün said, “Care must be taken to travel with airplanes with well-regulated cabin pressure. Pregnant mothers should wear seat belts for their own and their babies' health during their travels. Erek Airline companies generally note that pregnant women older than 36 weeks avoid travel. Dr. Iyigun said: ları The prospective mothers who will travel out of the city where they live for birth should make this journey before 36 weeks if possible. In case of necessity, they should consult with a doctor and get a certificate indicating that there is no travel barrier. Otherwise, they may have to postpone their travel. ”

The most ideal sports swimming and hiking

Op. Dr. Gökmen İyigün warned their mothers to be selective about the sports they are going to do and reported that they should avoid sports that are particularly vulnerable and resistant to physical exertion and trauma. The most ideal type of sports for pregnant women who are swimming and walking. Iyigun, pregnant women in the summer coinciding with the summer season should not stay too long in the sun and should take plenty of fluid, he adds.

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