Do you know the 11-14 test?

Do you know the 11-14 test?

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Another test that has become more widespread recently and has many advantages over the 3-way test is the 2-way test or 11-14 weeks screening test. Dogan Hospital Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Op. Dr. Ferhat Uysal share with you what you wonder about this test.

Today, various tests are conducted to determine whether the unborn babies are healthy. In particular, the contribution of ultrasonography in this regard should not be denied. With the introduction of ultrasonography, the ground was opened in the follow-up of unborn babies. Many of the congenital abnormalities associated with formal disorders can be detected in this way. However, some congenital abnormalities do not cause significant formal disorders, but can lead to very severe and incurable diseases.

Genetic diseases are one of them. Dr. Uysal states that olarak the most common genetic diseases known in society are trisomy 21 called down syndrome or mongolism, ”he says. Dolayı Due to a problem that arises in the baby's genetic code, these babies have many formal and mental disabilities. The most accurate diagnosis of this disease and other genetic diseases is possible by reaching the baby cells and decoding the genetic code in them. For this, it is necessary to take tissue from the baby's spouse (chorionic villus sampling) in the early stages of the pregnancy or to take fluid from the environment where the baby is in the middle of the pregnancy (amniocentesis) or finally to take blood from the umbilical cord of the baby (cordocentesis). All of these methods are likely to lose pregnancy. ”

Due to this drawback, various screening tests have been developed. The screening tests should be specific to the person and the baby she carries in her abdomen. For this purpose, a special package of information (such as age, weight, features in previous pregnancies, if any) and special information about the baby (some measurements, measurement of certain substances in the womb due to pregnancy) are collected and a special information package is created. The risk of having the current pregnancy of the pregnant woman with down syndrome or another disease is calculated by giving the computer program. Dr. Uysal “if the risk value obtained as a result of this calculation is high (according to the risk of losing the baby in the definite diagnostic methods described above), the family can be consulted extensively and the definite result is reached by applying the appropriate one of the definite diagnostic methods mentioned above. In other words, firstly all pregnant women are screened so that those who are at high risk are identified and certain diagnostic tests are performed. ”

3-way test or 11-14 test?

The best known of these tests is the 3-way screening test. However, another test that has become more widespread recently and has many advantages over the 3-way test is the 2-way test or 11-14 weeks screening test. As the name suggests, the 11-14 week test can be performed before the triple test, ie earlier in the pregnancy (triple test is performed between 16-20 weeks). Dr. Ys The 11-14 week test is much more likely to catch diseases (about 90%) than the triple test (about 60%), U says Uysal.

Features of the 11 - 14 test

Ultrasonography has an important place during the 11-14 weeks test. Dr. U The most important data in this test is the measurement of the baby's nape of the nape, üyor he says. In some heart diseases, lung diseases and skeletal diseases, as in Down syndrome or many other genetic diseases, fluid accumulation in the nape of the baby increases. the measurement of this region takes place on the scale of one-tenth of a millimeter and is a difficult and delicate process, contrary to what is presumed. Sometimes the physician may have to spend quite a long time to make the correct measurement. The amniotic membrane around the baby's current position and a lot of things can make this difficult. In addition, the ultrasound device used should be able to do this measurement. In addition, the head-butt length of the baby is one of the desired data. Further data to be included in the information package is the measurement of two specific substances in maternal blood that vary according to the course of pregnancy. The first is the level of β-hcg in maternal blood and the other is papp-a. The change line of these two items in pregnant women carrying healthy babies and the change line of pregnant women carrying unhealthy babies may be different. In addition, data such as mother's age, last menstrual date, mother's weight, features in previous pregnancies, if any, heart rate of the baby are added and information package is created and information about the health of the baby is obtained by means of a special computer program. ”

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