Fat children are unhealthy

Fat children are unhealthy

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If your child chooses to eat, if eating hours are irregular, he likes snacks, he has a tendency to sugar and excessive carbohydrate foods, he cannot resist the high fat foods, especially frying, the alarm bells have started to ring if the consumption of vegetables and fruits is low and the consumption of meat is high! If fatigue, difficulty in breathing, lack of movement and pain in the legs are present, families should respond to this situation as soon as possible. The child's obesity is on the back of the child!Fat parents get fat too! Obesity in the family is the strongest risk factor for childhood obesity. The family relationship affects the child both genetically and environmentally. There is a direct relationship between the fat consumption and obesity of the parents and the fat consumption and obesity of the children. Ayça Kaya listed the reasons that pushed children to obesity:Attention to common mistakes in nutrition: Nutritional technique, variety, frequency, amount and content are the most important determinants of the establishment of nutritional habits in children. Ready-to-eat nutrition, frequent consumption of high-energy foods, fat is the bread of obesity. Colorfully packaged foods in the markets are like a test of traps for children… Increasing out-of-home nutrition, growing portions, increasing nutritional diversity, especially the consumption of sugar-flavored beverages, fast-prepared foods and ıştırma snacking enerji with high energy and fat content The proliferation of foods that can be sold everywhere is also a major cause of obesity. One of the most important issues to be considered in nutrition is sugar-flavored carbonated beverages. The drinks with sugar added are unfortunately past milk and buttermilk. Remember that appetite is affected by those who eat. Nutrients that contain too much fat increase appetite more. Fresh vegetables and fruits are usually eaten over a longer period of time by chewing more. As absorption and digestion are later, the feeling of saturation continues for a longer time. The rapid absorption of carbohydrate-containing foods causes a rapid increase in glucose and insulin, and ultimately causes the child to eat more reactive hypoglycemia. Television makes it fatter: school services, elevators, technological tools, lack of parking and garden, disrupting sports class, spending more time on television and computer When the factors come together and repeat for a long time, a serious inactivity arises. Dr. Ayça Kaya "Does the television child fat? Do not say that television directs the child to a still and lazy life, as well as a stimulatory effect on children eating. The most fat children, the children spend the longest time in front of television." Factors such as genetic inheritance, family feeding habits, mother's work, economic reasons are among the causes of obesity in children.Psychosocial factors: Large family, fragmented family, elderly mother, being a single child and domestic incompatibility can also lead to obesity in the child. Obesity causes the emergence of puberty symptoms in children at an early age. Ayça Kaya is also one of the causes of obesity, complete growth at an early age, delay in walking in children, the collection of excess fat in the arms, legs and nipples, flat insoles, curvature of the legs causing orthopedic problems such as the formation of skin infections due to excess skin , diseases such as respiratory tract cardiovascular, diabetes, hypertension can cause diseases such as the emergence of an early age, he said.

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