Choosing the right toy for your child

Choosing the right toy for your child

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Toys also contribute greatly to physical, mental, social and emotional development. Given that children's favorite thing is playing games, it's important to choose the right toys. Expert Psychologist Özkan Şenol explained what needs to be paid attention to in this regard:

What should be considered when choosing toys?

We can look at toys as a system of education and tools that regulate the child's relationship with society and the environment. In addition to entertaining children, the toys perform a very important educational function by revealing their abilities. Children learn the concepts of color, size and shape with the right toys and have knowledge about numerical and verbal concepts. During the developmental stages, every child is in great need of playing and playing. This issue is vital for a healthy completion of the child's development.

It is known that playing with the right toys provides serious benefits for children of all ages and genders. Toys, play materials that can reveal the child's natural abilities and thus provide education for him. Therefore, this must be the most important feature of toys. Attention should be paid to having toys of the kind that will facilitate the child's learning while playing and address their creative aspects.

One of the most useful toys for children play dough. Play doughs both improve children's creativity and make them entertain. It also helps them to grasp three-dimensional objects, develop tactile emotions, strengthen the hand muscles, and gain skills in dexterity and imagination.

How does play dough improve children?

What kind of child do you want? Brave, intelligent, intelligent, fast-thinking, alert, controlled, evaluating the opportunities well ası Having these features in your child pleases almost everyone. But there is something missing from this list. Feeling, empathy, understanding and a sense of conscience… This is where the most important effect of toys such as play dough on child development begins. Because it is the sense of touch that develops such abilities in the child.

Children playing with toys such as cars, dolls and pistols can be active and ambitious, but cannot develop in empathy and emotional intelligence. However, children's first means of communication are their hands. They learn to communicate with their hands and touch. Play dough is the most important toys that complement this deficiency in the development of children. Play dough encourages children to produce.

The child stimulates his imagination to play with this toy. So he's making his own toy. Play dough not only improves the child mentally and emotionally, but also physically. Play dough helps children develop their hand muscles, especially at a young age. The child develops hand muscles and dexterity while making shapes with play dough and trying to shape the dough. Thus, children who grew up playing with play dough have no difficulty when they start school when they are holding pencils and writing. In the same way, he succeeds in combining his imagination with dexterity while painting.

Is the material important when choosing toys?

The materials of the toys are also very important. Toys made of small pieces are dangerous. The child may swallow or risk choking. Likewise, toys with sharp corners or sharp edges can cause injury. In addition, the materials from which the toy is made are important. Particular attention should be paid to whether it is made of paints and substances that do not harm health.

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