What are the damages of watching too much television?

What are the damages of watching too much television?

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How many hours do you watch television in a day? The answers given to this question have attracted the attention of many researchers lately and therefore a lot of research is being done. As a result of these researches, we obtain various information about how watching television affects our lives. The common result of the research is unfortunately not promising. Because the results are proportional to excessive television viewing behavior increases the probability of occurrence of negative factors, he says.

Why 3-6 age group?

As you all know, these years include the preschool period. There are two main features of this period. The first one is that many children do not go to any educational institution and spend their days at home, so they watch too much television and are exposed to all kinds of effects of television. In this period, most of the children's brain development is completed, so everything they watch on television affects their mental development positively or negatively.

What are the future implications?

As a result of long-term studies, children who watch an excessive amount of television during preschool period (between 3 and 5 hours a day) encounter obesity and attention deficit problems very frequently in later years.

Obesity problem as a result of children watching television too much to remain inactive and low nutritional value on television, but they have a high rate of fat to consume nutrients and consuming them often. Properly proportional to receiving more stimuli, but children do not receive too much stimulus from their environment while watching television, just follow the images remain in the passive position. This is also the reason why children do not need too much concentration and do not need to establish a cause-effect relationship between scenes.

You can take various measures to prevent your child from having these problems. How?

What can you do?

? Change your own habits! If you are someone who watches TV for 3-5 hours a day, you can start by trying to reduce this time. Because the most effective teachers of the children are their parents. Try to make different efforts, even try to find something you can do with your child while choosing these activities. So you two don't watch TV for long hours and spend time together.

• Encourage your children to plan. Determine which programs he wants to watch during that week and do not allow them to watch any programs other than those programs. Make sure the program is suitable for your child's development when choosing a program.

Do not keep the television on all the time, just be open to watch the time, you watch the program is finished when you turn off the television. For your child, television as an indispensable element of his life, not only as a tool used to spend a pleasant time will see.

? Your child may not understand or misunderstand everything while watching television.

Create a day of not watching television at least once a week. Do some activities with your child during this day. (Picnic, cook together, puzzle puzzle) Let your child discover that they can have fun in their lives without television.

Do not watch television while eating and do not allow your child to watch. Because meal times are the most suitable moments for the whole family gathering and communication with family members. Instead of spending television watching these moments, you should devote yourself to talking.

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