Tips for healthy personality development of your child

Tips for healthy personality development of your child

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Children develop their personality by learning what they like in their environment, how to dress, how to relate to other people and the world. In order to develop your own personality, you should support your child in this process, be aware of his / her behaviors and movements and know what they mean.

How do children reveal their personalities?

Children have personalities; how they decorate their rooms, with their chosen friends, clothes, food choices, activity choices, and so on. The children give you clues about who they really are, and at the same time add features that you like to their personalities. Most parents avoid asking their children questions. However, asking questions and listening to children is an important factor for them to gain a healthy self.

Remember, emotional awareness is about realizing who your child is and supporting him in transforming his little self into a new form of personality. With this support, you can help him make the right decisions in his life and make the right choices.

Tips for healthy personality development

● Watch out for your child's behavior and behavior and they will introduce you.
● Ask your child why he / she has chosen a specific topic, read a particular magazine or book, or why he / she plays with certain toys. But ask it impartially without judging it.
● Give him / her the chance to choose among the activities that he / she would like to participate.
● Offer her reasonable food and clothes.
● Compliment your own preferences.
● Make suggestions without controlling their ideas and behavior.
● Be confident in your own personality and do not criticize or judge your child's own personality.
● Find activities by revealing your child's personality. (for example, you can make collages. Cut the pictures he thinks symbolize himself, combine them into any order, and then paste them on the wall of his room.)
● Have a party with friends or family. Leave him all the details. For example ; Let him do the food, the music and whatever else he wants.

Having healthy personalities is the most important key for children to know themselves and understand what they expect and want from life.


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