Tips for a nice bath with your baby

Tips for a nice bath with your baby

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Bathing your baby may be straining and tiring. It is quite normal for babies to fear and shout from the sudden spill of water. Try the tips you will find in this article to make the bath time go smoothly.

Distract him

If your baby is not happy to be in the bathroom, you can go distracting. Talk to her or sing to her while washing your baby. You can also try holding your hand or playing with a toy.

Get a towel at hand

If your baby suffers from water, you can help her relax at least a little by drying her face and forehead with a towel. The feeling of dryness will comfort him.

Use less shampoo

Use less shampoo than you think you need. Babies don't need too much shampoo. Less shampoo means less rinsing and your baby will feel more comfortable. If your baby's hair is low, you can choose a spray shampoo.

Use the right gestures

Babies observe and imitate everything. For example, you will wash your neck, and if you do not throw your head back in a way you can make you imitate you by throwing your head back. Or you could do something that might interest him to look at the ceiling.

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