How much do you know about preterm birth?

How much do you know about preterm birth?

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It is the birth that starts after the age of viability (usually after the 20th week) and before the 37th week. One third of the babies born early are due to premature birth, one third of the premature rupture of the membrane and one third of the maternal or infant problems. Despite efforts to prevent preterm births, little progress has been made and the number of preterm births has increased in recent years. There are many factors believed to increase the risk of preterm labor. As the number of risk factors in a woman increases, the risk of preterm labor increases. Some preventable risk factors can be listed as follows:

• To smoke
• My alcohol use
• Drug use
• Inadequate weight gain: before pregnancy, if you are in normal weight, you should gain up to 12 kilos, but if you are weak, get close to 20 kilos.
• Survival and heavy physical work
• Hormone imbalance
• Sexual intercourse (if it involves other risk factors)

Some risk factors are not as easy to control as others.
Infection: When an infection is found that can harm the baby, preterm birth appears to be the body's removal from the dangerous environment. Inflammation of the amniotic fluid can be an important cause of premature birth. To reduce the risk of infection, keep away from sick people, make sure you are rested and fed sufficiently. Have regular examinations before delivery.
Weakness in the cervix:Some women are already weak cervix opens early, and this situation is not understood until at least once late miscarriage and premature birth.After the diagnosis of cervical suture can be prevented premature birth. examination is important in detecting changes and taking necessary measures.
Uterine sensitivity:Studies have shown that some women's uterus is sensitive and this causes untimely contractions. Preterm labor can be prevented if this condition is detected and monitored closely with bed rest in the last three months.
A mother's chronic illness:Good medical care and in some cases bed rest can prevent premature birth.
Stress: Causes of stress can sometimes be eliminated or alleviated.Sometimes it is more difficult to eliminate the cause.However, stress can be reduced by training, relaxation techniques, good nutrition, balanced sports and talk of the problem.
Abnormalities in the uterus: Once the problem is understood, surgical repair can prevent premature births.
Multiple pregnancy:Women with more than one child usually give birth to an average of three weeks. Meticulous prenatal care, very good nutrition, as well as limitation of activities in the last three months and more time for rest may prevent premature birth.
Anomaly in the baby: Sometimes when the problem is in the uterus, it can be understood and corrected and premature birth can be prevented.

Sometimes none of the risk factors mentioned above can be found. A healthy woman who is having a very good pregnancy may suddenly start premature birth. The reason for this is still not found. Every day the baby stays in the womb increases the chance of surviving outside. Therefore, it is very important to recognize early signs and call your doctor immediately if you have the slightest suspicion that birth has started. pressure, the arrival of water is the symptoms of premature birth.Medical intervention in early birth is very important, and from time to time can be stopped. If the amniotic sac is intact and the cervix is ​​not enlarged, three quarters of these women can complete their pregnancy. To increase the chance, the drug that enlarges the uterus and stops contractions s, but the safety of these drugs is a question mark.

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