Development and learning in children

Development and learning in children

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One of the most important names in the field of Child Development “Jean Piaget” active learning concept has been included in their own theories and emphasized that this concept is of great importance for the child's mental development. Piaget also suggested that there is a high need for active learning for children between the ages of 0-6 and therefore, especially in kindergartens, it should be offered training to support active learning.

Well we are talking about active learning concept what? Active learning is the ability of the child to do the learning process using all his or her senses while learning something new. The most important rule for children to learn by discovering and experiencing is the active learning method. Children are especially young; they need to touch objects, smell them, taste them instinctively. If these requirements are not fulfilled, children do not complete the learning process.

As parents, you should use the active learning method when teaching your child anything and give your child the opportunity to explore the world as suggested by this method.

What can you do?

? Your children should be able to access many toys and materials easily while playing, so as their parents you should adjust the environmental conditions to the physical and mental level of your child.

? Ask your children open-ended questions to find meaningful and valid solutions to the problems they face. For example, your child came to you and told you that you could not open the lid of the toy box. In such a case, ask your child various questions to create the active learning environment required. Questions like neden Why do you think you couldn't open it, how did you try to open it? Ite will also help her learn actively, as it will push her to think.

? Don't hesitate to play with your child while playing, remember that you will entertain your child and help him / her learn actively with this game. While children play, with the help of adults, they have the opportunity to take their game to a higher level and increase the number of things they can learn from the game.

? Don't forget to include your child in many of the activities you do, even an experience that seems so insignificant to you can be of great importance in your child's life. Activities with them will give your children the opportunity to discover new things as well as give you more time with your child.

? When teaching your child something new, give him / her the opportunity to experience what you teach. For example, your little girl watches you with curious eyes while you are making a cake, and when you realize your interest in your child, you wanted to introduce her to the cake ingredients and started to teach her the names of the ingredients you use one by one. However, you should know that although your child will listen to you with interest, next time he will have forgotten most of the names.

? Make sure that the school in which you send your child also pays attention to the method of active learning, because children spend the most productive part of their day at school and give them the opportunity to see and recognize many things. Remember that if the school you send your child does not only provide daily care to your child and apply methods to support his or her mental and social development, this school is wasting your child's time, remember.

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