When should dental care begin in children?

When should dental care begin in children?

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Causes of decay of milk teeth
Milk teeth, which contains more organic matter than normal teeth Dentist and Prosthodontist Çağdaş Kışlaoğlu, teeth are therefore more prone to decay, he adds. Kışlaoğlu “The progression of caries is much easier than at other ages, especially because children do not correctly detect and notice caries and discolorations, especially at the time of deciduous teeth. The period in which tooth decay comes to the fore with pain can often result in late treatment. Children are not paying attention to dental care as much as adults, giving pacifiers with sugary foods, consuming sugary and dyed drinks before sleeping at night are among the causes of decayed teeth. ”

When do I need to start caring for the teeth?
Stating that dental care should be started in infants before milk teeth. Dentist and Prosthodontist Çağdaş Kışlaoğlu, He says that wiping the first teeth with sterile gauze is effective in preventing decayed teeth. View Çağdaş's Full Profile, the baby's teeth with the emergence of the number of teeth and teeth care is gaining more importance, he says.

Milk teeth are a must for care; tooth brushing habit
To teach children brushing at an early age and to use toothbrushes and toothpastes suitable for child's age and tooth sensitivity Dentist and Prosthodontist Çağdaş Kışlaoğlu, continues to comment:
“Since brushing is the most important part of oral and dental care, it will be correct to repeat this habit every day without disruption. Tooth brushing must be done twice a day, morning and evening. Tooth cleaning, especially just before bedtime, is very important to protect the teeth from bacteria that will be active in the mouth during the night. ”

Families have important duties in the care of children's primary teeth
Since there is not enough awareness of oral care in children during the period when milk teeth are released, it is noted that families have important tasks at this point. Dentist and Prosthodontist Çağdaş Kışlaoğlu, in his views:

Çocuklar Parents are largely responsible for oral and dental health in children up to 6 years of age. Toothpastes and toothbrushes with less additives than adults will be sufficient for oral and dental care. Since toothpastes should be used correctly and the child should not swallow toothpaste, it will be beneficial for parents to be careful about it. ”

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