Hypertension disease in overweight children

Hypertension disease in overweight children

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According to the data in the USA; about one-third of school-age and adolescent children are overweight or obese. Obesity that occurs in childhood brings many health problems with it. One of the most important of these; hypertension which is a major health problem worldwide! A screening study of school-age children found hypertension in 30 percent of overweight children. In other words, one in three children who are overweight have hypertension! Moreover, hypertension in children is often diagnosed late, as it is often asymptomatic as opposed to adult hypertension. Acıbadem Adana Hospital Cardiology Specialist Dr. Alpay Turan Sezgin, therefore every child after 3 years of blood pressure must be measured warns!The most important cause is obesity!
Cardiology Specialist Dr. Alpay Turan Sezgin stated that the causes of hypertension seen in children vary according to age. In children older than 10 years, the most important causes of hypertension in recent years, especially in school-age children, which has become an epidemic overweight. Since obesity is widespread among children, hypertension has become a very important health problem in children. Parents should therefore encourage their children to adopt a healthy life. ” Children usually do not show symptomsThe main danger in developing hypertension in children; Rare occurrence of complaints such as dizziness, headache, ringing in the ear and palpitations in adult blood pressure patients. In other words, hypertension unfortunately is quiet in children. In a study conducted in the USA; 40% of newly diagnosed children with hypertension were found to have thickened heart muscles, a symptom of long-standing high blood pressure. This makes it clear that the blood pressure is quiet for a long time. In the USA, 14.187 children and young people were examined in the health screening study; Hypertension was detected in 507 children (3%) and only 26 percent of these children were known to have hypertension in their previous medical records. Again in this study, 3.4 percent of children were found to be in the pre-hypertension period. According to previous records, only 11 percent of these children were known to be in the pre-hypertensive period. “Prepares the ground for heart attack and diabetesCardiology Specialist Dr. Alpay Turan Sezgin warns that hypertension occurring in childhood almost invites serious diseases and gives the following information: “In such a study; the presence of hypertension in childhood or youth; It is reported to be a risk factor for sudden death, heart failure and cardiovascular occlusion before the age of 55 years. Since children with hypertension are overweight, their insulin resistance is high. Therefore, the risk of developing diabetes in the future increases greatly. It is thought that hypertension, which is actually of adulthood, starts in childhood in many patients. “Eat healthy and do regular sportsIn hypertension, which is still stage 1, blood pressure control can be achieved in children who achieve a healthy lifestyle without the need for medication. Professor Dr. Alpay Turan Sezgin emphasized that the child's lifestyle should be rearranged before drug treatment. For this, first of all, healthy food order should be established at home; priority should be given to vegetable and fruit-based nutrition. Parents should stop smoking immediately if they smoke and spend more time with their children. Another important consideration is to ensure that the child sleeps well. Sleep Apnea Syndrome can be seen in children with hypertension. This leads to increased insulin resistance, elevated blood pressure, uncontrollable rhythm disturbances and ultimately heart failure. In addition, psychological support to the child and self-confidence to increase behaviors to increase the child's motivation is important.

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