The smell of bingo mom was so loved!

The smell of bingo mom was so loved!

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Bingo, a brand that is close to Turkish women and facilitates their lives, takes a step closer to mothers with the concept of “Mother smell”.Bingo Home Care Products Category Manager Gülhan Eğilmez“The scent of the mother is such a concept that it is very warm, sincere, very emotional for everyone, no matter how old it is, it takes you right away and takes you to your childhood more.”

How did the “mother smell kok concept come to your mind as a detergent brand?

Bingo has always been positioned as a brand that is close to Turkish women and makes their lives easier. In our new campaign, Zamane Moms and Daughters, we emphasized the controversial yet warm relationship between the mother and daughter, which was never abandoned. There has always been a strategic integrity between our brand identity and the products we launch. Therefore, the concept of proximity and temperature became the main point for us in the formation process of this product. It had to be such a product that the mother and her daughters should find it very warm. We saw the concept of mother scent both as undefined and creating very different warm feelings.

Why did you prefer the concept of “mother scent”?

The smell of the mother is such a concept that no matter how old it is, it is very warm, sincere, very emotional for everyone and takes you to a place where you can take your childhood.
The place of the five senses in the mother-child relationship is so great that the smell has a very important place that is not erased from memory. The product we described was hot but should have been as new as it was. Even though we see the baby smell directly or most directly in many products in terms of perfume in the mother-child relationship, we have never seen a product called mother smell in this category.

How and with whom did you work to create the scent of the mother?

We make consumer visits every week. During these visits, we did not directly ask women how your mother smells; because it was difficult for the consumer to describe. So we asked them, which smells closer to your mother, by smelling some perfumes. It is useful to tell something here. Five major companies in the world produce perfumes in cleaning products. (Givaudan, Firmenich, IFF, Symrise…) These companies develop and produce aromas and essences, from perfumes to detergents, from cosmetics to soaps, as well as aromas used in the beverage and food industry. Here we work with Givaudan, headquartered in Paris on this project, we are firm we want to inform them of the perfume through the office in Turkey.

How long did this work take?

The creation of Mother Fragrance took a very short time. First, it is useful to explain the system in general. The perfume creator we work with gives us their options within about a month after informing the company. We would like revisions for these options. We would like revisions such as orum I want to find some more top notes and some more flowers and water grades in the middle grades ”. They will be revised and come and make our choice. Normally the perfume comes within a month of notifying the company. We were in a lucky period in Mother Fragrance. Because the employees and perfume creator Givaudan in Paris Terry Goodacre, they were to visit Turkey Hayat Kimya. We sat at the table together. The Mother Scent was a smell that I didn't get revision for the first time in my life. That's why it's so impressive to me. Ry It's a very clear job, Ter Terry said, as we informed them at the same table. When I first smelled when I came to us, I said, “That's all right“. We launched the product in a very short time and it has been on the shelves since May.

What are the features of the product?

Mother Fragrance is a perfumed product of rose bud. How did we determine that? During our visits every week, we made women smell perfumes of violet, honeysuckle and mixed flower scents. But it reminded me of the mother with the most rose smell in them. I have to open a parenthesis here. Turkish woman loves her rose notes. But what was the smell of roses? 'I mean the smell of a wet rosebud with freshly opened but light rain droplets.' Along with the perfume of the product there is another emotional benefit to the consumer. We threw tiny heart soap bubbles into Mother Scent. This is something that is not in Turkey. The consumer will see these tiny red hearts as well as the smell of the mother.

Did the concept of “mother scent etk have an impact on your sales?

We receive more positive comments from the consumer about the smell of the mother.

Would you consider developing a product like “Daddy smell??

It is more accurate to leave this issue to other brands

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