Jenin's journal (1 month)

Jenin's journal (1 month)

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I'm a very small, tiny drop, I was told that I had to go on a long journey; it was both long and very challenging, and at every stage of this journey, I was going to grow into a world that I didn't know when I was bigger than I could ever imagine. Yet I was so happy here, everyone loved me very much, always because of those naughty sperm, they can not pull me at all, come on me, I still do not hide. Can't it again, aaaaaaah they're coming at me again, offf we collided with a huge x chromosome, I'm slipping help me aaaaaahhhhhh.

What the hell is this place? There is no one else but the place they told me before my journey, you know, the owner of this place was called “mother,, and there was an assistant“ father,. Everything was told to me, for a while little painters would come and draw my organs to my smooth body, these painters would visit all these drops, draw beautiful babies, if I was calm and relaxed everything would go well, but I'm very excited. I've fallen here in three weeks, and now my new name is "embryo", I can't remember that name anyway, because it doesn't matter, isn't it strange how my name will change as I grow up? But the most beautiful of the other world when I was born as a girl or boy according to the birth of the mother and father will give me a new name, you know that the trip that caused me to attack the X chromosome when I collided with an X chromosome, either for me I was a girl like mother, or she If I had hit the huge Y chromosome, then I'd be a man like a father. Exactly embro, again I could not say how accustomed to being emb-ri-yo, I can swim and feed in this liquid.

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