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How do you know if your child is gifted?

How do you know if your child is gifted?

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The fact that the child is gifted is not easy for families. Because it is necessary to direct this child who is overly curious to learn and who surprised his parents with his questions. Gifted children generally gain some skills earlier than age groups. Some of them can speak and learn to read earlier.They need motivationThe families of children whose intelligence seems brighter than their peers are looking for information about how to support their children. First of all, although the intelligence of the child is a preliminary indicator of success, it is not enough. Success has a lot to do with motivation. It is necessary to open doors for the subjects and interests that excite the child. Here, too, families and trainers do a great job. It is very important to introduce the child to many fields and to discover his / her talents in these fields.Which test can be understood?Children who are thought to be gifted are given a comprehensive intelligence test called WISC-R for academic performance. For this test, the child must be 6 years and 6 months old. Research on gifted children in various countries has shed some light on the educational needs of these children. Liv Hospital Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist Exp. Dr. Işılay Altıntaş says: "The isolation of these children from other classmates in other classes did not give a good result. In our country, the results were similar. direction. "How should the family behave?The expectations of many families increase when their children are gifted. This situation has a negative effect on the child after a while. It's not right to make the child feel like you're different from other friends and say things like "you're smarter". Instead, it is necessary to discover which areas it is interested in, direct it, support it, and ensure that it receives appropriate training in the area of ​​interest. Altintas explains the difficulties that these children may encounter in their education life as follows: Genellikle Generally, the most common problem is that a child who learns early is bored in school and has difficulty in distracting himself or even showing some behavioral problems. The issue is that children who have problems related to attention and behavior are attributed to intelligence. This can be a risk. Being intelligent is another behavior problem is another thing. Therefore, it is important to evaluate emotional development separately from mental development and to recognize the problems experienced by the child early. "

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