When is the ideal age for childbearing?

When is the ideal age for childbearing?

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Being a mother is perhaps one of the most important and valuable moments in life. But do individuals who have this responsibility, especially at an early age, have difficulty adapting to new roles and identities? Şirin Hacıömeroğlu Atçeken, an expert psychologist from DBE Institute of Behavioral Sciences, serving with more than 29 years of experience in the field of Individual Psychological Services and Corporate Counseling, points out that being a parent changes responsibilities in human life. Atçeken said, kolay It is not easy to get used to new roles and identities. Although medical experts say that the ideal physiological age of fertility is between 20 and 30, it is not possible to talk about a psychologically ideal age concept. Imi Some people have reached emotional maturity earlier, but those who cannot take responsibility even though they are in their 30s. Atçeken, “The ideal age of being a mother is the age at which one reaches emotional maturity. The prospective mother has reached the age best suited to be a mother when she has the chance to fulfill at least some of her wishes and desires for life and feels the power to take on new responsibilities for the child. ”Are young moms sacrificing their careers?Describing the division of the energy of women who are mothers at a young age in business life, Atçeken said, “Career; labor, investment and time. The young mother, on the other hand, has to devote the energy and labor she will spend on her career to raising her child. However, it is possible to see mothers who are very successful in business life because being a mother adds an important experience and maturity to one's life. The support sources of mothers should be used well. Since it is in an energetic age, the time and activities spent together will be more colorful and active. However, if the mother has become a mother at a young age without feeling ready, if she has not yet reached the emotional and psychological maturity to take responsibility for a child, if it is difficult to draw the boundaries of motherhood, the secure bond between them may be damaged and conflicts may occur. Eki What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a young mother? Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Expert Psychologist Şirin Hacıömeroğlu Atçeken…Advantages;- The most important advantage of being a mother at a young age is to be more physically sound and healthy since the pregnancy period. - The person who meets the mother's identity at an early age matures earlier.Disadvantages; - A woman may have to postpone some of her life goals. - Women may experience problems with their economic independence. - Being an early mother before the husband and wife relationship has yet to be established and these identities are fully settled causes the woman to suddenly find herself as a mother. This may cause some problems in the relationship. The romance and friendship between the couple may not develop sufficiently. - Having a child without having a home order increases the stress level of the relationship and tensions increase. - If the couple has not yet come to an economic level, the discussions in the relationship may increase.

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