Açelya Akkoyun'la about motherhood: Every morning wakes up with smiles!

Açelya Akkoyun'la about motherhood: Every morning wakes up with smiles!

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What are you doing, how are your days?
On 5 March I opened “Studio Açelya Akkoyun”. The studio has everything to do with self-improvement; life coaching to drama classes, pilates to yoga can be trained in many subjects. We also give personal development seminars. Our goal is to make the individual happy. Apart from that, I am evaluating a few television programs for the new season, raising my daughter Alya Deniz.

How many months has Ayla been?
15 months.

How's mothering going?
We're going very well, we're having joyful and very happy days. I believe I am a comfortable mother. Alya and her father are walking around. I don't care if I eat less than one meal, because I'm comfortable because she drinks breast milk.

Are you breastfeeding?
Yes, Alya is still sucking and I want to continue breastfeeding until she is two years old. Because I believe that breastfeeding is very beneficial. I've spent all my pregnancy putting this belief on myself. That's why my milk was so plentiful, it grew more and more as Alya sucked.

Are you breastfeeding at night?
Yeah, I get up and suckling two or four times every night. This frequency changes every day.

Isn't that hard?
I'm used to it.

Did you work during pregnancy?
I prepared a book at that time, it has not been published yet, but it will be published at the most appropriate time. I didn't work other than that. Many television shows came up but I didn't want to.

How much weight did you gain?
I gained 15 kilos during my pregnancy, but I gained the actual weight from what I ate to have milk after birth. But I never mind, as long as I have milk. Now I'm starting to give, a few things left, most of which have gone. They will go with time. In order to lose weight, I used Yasemin Soysal's book “Your Single Fat Brain;; it changes the human thought system.

The lives of couples with babies change at a time and they start living indexed to the baby. Is that what you did?
We found the middle way. We don't live entirely dependent on the baby or try to fit the tiny baby to ourselves. It is also a pleasure for us to live Alya's life, because we lived so well until this age, we had a great time together. That's why I recommend couples to enjoy their togetherness first.

Alya was a surprise baby, wasn't she?
Yes, but fortunately it was the best surprise of my life… I'm in love with my daughter and I do everything for her in life.

How did you find out that you were pregnant?
I learned by chance, I never had a delay. I went for a periodic gynecological examination. It didn't show up, but my doctor still wanted to do a blood test. I accepted, but at the same time I say, olan The mother feels, I'm definitely not pregnant. Sonra After a while, when the nurse told me that the test was positive, I was shocked, I called my wife crying. She said to me, "Why are you crying, crazy girl, this is the best thing that ever happened to us, don't cry!"

How was your pregnancy?
It was so beautiful and fun, I never threw up once. In fact, when we were four months pregnant we drove through Europe, I had no problems. I believe that: Just as our kidney doesn't fall, so does that baby stick to us. When Alya was four months old, we went to America with her family. My biggest advantage here was that I was breastfeeding.

How so?
I didn't worry about food. During our trip, I started breastfeeding as soon as Alya got hungry. It was a great comfort.

Are you comfortable parents?
It depends. For example, some of our friends find us very pimpiric. Alya's birth coincided with swine flu. So we had a lot of panic, trying to make sure people didn't touch Alya much. But I don't regret this move. I wouldn't want them to touch my baby again.

After the baby, it is said that marriages have changed to a different dimension.
It was, of course, but not in the negative sense. Ours has moved in an even more beautiful direction. Because Alya and I and Enis' blood got mixed up. We are now brothers and sisters… Alya and I riveted our love. Now we look at each other's eyes more loving and compassionate.

How was your postpartum period?
I cried for 40 days! I'm very sensitive. I couldn't watch television; When I saw the news of martyrs or something I could not recover. I couldn't stand the emotional music. Lohusa I advise women to cry abundantly, you are relieved to pour out.

What kind of child is Alya Deniz?
Alya is a very calm, docile and friendly child. Every morning he wakes up with smiles, he knows he's loved. I'm afraid to even say it, but he's never been sick. Even when he was teething, he didn't get fired or whining. I believe this is all due to breast milk.

What dreams do you have about Alya?
Just be happy. He can do anything he wants within humanitarian ethics. For me, traditions that are no longer valid do not matter. No matter how he feels comfortable with me. But there are also traditions that I like and I will be happy to apply: I will definitely burn the henna when I get married! I'm a traditionalist, but I don't unnecessarily put pressure on my child. I will send Alya to play groups as soon as she is three years old. Why should he have to play with big people when he can play with his age group and spend time with him? Şey What will benefit him most will be his age group. Since Alya is an individual, I will respect her decisions.

Who do you compare Alya to?
Everybody says it's my copy, but I'm like a father. Already, Enis and I are a very similar couple.

Does he have dimples like you?
It's a little smaller than mine, but it does. Everywhere is beautiful from floor to floor.

What kind of father was Mr. Enis?
The mother has to take care of her baby, but the relationship the father has with her baby is very important for the baby's development. Enis is very interested in Alya, planning everything for Alya, thinking of Alya before herself.

Do you think about the second child?
We are not sure. I want to, but Enis says, “I haven't had enough of my wife.. We also talk about how right it is for an individual to give birth to another individual.

Let's talk about Alya's name.
Actually, we were going to put Deniz first, we said boyunca Deniz Baby is coming! Boyunca during my pregnancy. But towards the end we loved the name Alya. Already Azalea's daughter would be Alya. The name of the sea is consistent with his father's name.

Did you have a holiday to Alya this summer?
Yes, we went to Antalya for a week and Alya had amazing fun. We will go abroad in the coming days. As long as Alya is with me, I go anywhere.

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