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Differences between boys and girls

Differences between boys and girls

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Some of the expectant mothers who want to have a baby want to have a son, some daughter. However, if you know the tiny differences between them, it is possible to establish wonderful relationships regardless of gender. Here are some tips for you.

When you have a baby, the first question everyone asks you is: Is it a boy or a girl? You determine the colors of the room set according to this gender, you choose blue overalls for your son, pink dresses for your daughter, and your criteria for choosing toys are certain: baby girl, car boy. Not all of you, but all of these choices we all unwittingly bring to mind the following question: Are the characteristics of children born naturally or as a result of our guidance? Many experts say that both factors are effective. Research also supports this view. For example, during the development of babies in the womb, the right side of the brain in boys and the left side in girls develop primarily. This means that while the right side of the brain develops first, boys succeed in physical activities, while the left side develops primarily in writing and speaking. However, the way families and society are raised plays an important role in character formation. It's a fact that boys are more naughty than girls. However, research shows that mothers are more tolerant of men because they convince themselves that they are more naughty. There is no doubt that there are many physical and mental differences between boys and girls from the moment they were born.

Men are prone to disease

Since their infancy, boys can get hurt physically more quickly than girls. This does not change as time goes by. Boys get diseases much faster than girls and mortality rates are higher. Experts agree that the testosterone hormone creates this condition.

Weight and height

On average, boys are heavier and taller than girls. This means: Since men are fatter, they perform sitting more slowly. But thanks to their heavier legs that support them, they learn to walk very quickly. After this step, the development process continues equally.

Social behavior

Newborn girls are more social and prone to speech than boys. In the first weeks of life, girls smile twice as much as boys. Of course, the reason for this difference may be due to your own behavior, because a soft and talk-based relationship is established with girls.

First reactions

A study in the United States reveals that men from infancy have reacted more harshly to their mother's negative behavior. They accept it more difficult than girls, especially if a request is rejected.

Naughty men

Parents often play games with boys based on physical strength, and boys often prefer games that require physical activity. This makes them more naughty. However, girls are more likely to adopt imaginative games.

Independent girls

Children develop independent behaviors along with walking, speaking, feeding and toilet habits towards the age of 2 years. The fact that mothers are more tolerant and more protective of their boys and girls are more educated by their mothers is one of the factors that create this situation. Girls are also very prone to preschool and can learn the rules of social relations more quickly.

Toy selections

According to a study on this topic, girls agree to play with boys 'toys easily, while boys do not accept to play with girls' toys. Experts explain: Parents react to boys playing with girls 'toys, while girls don't play with boys' toys.

Language learning

Girls normally begin to speak faster and longer sentences than boys. Men usually start talking late. The reason for this difference is probably explained by the early development of the left side of the brains of the girls and especially by the fact that fathers talk to their daughters twice as much as boys.

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