Allergies threaten your children!

Allergies threaten your children!

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Household dust, detergent and care products, long-haired carpets, plush toys can cause your child's allergic diseases. Allergic diseases are more common in childhood. Childhood allergies are not only seen in spring, Child Health and Diseases Specialist Erdem Uzunoğlu, summer, winter without threatening the health of children without allergies.

Allergies are most common in children under 5 years of age süt
Allergic diseases and allergic reactions can occur in children of all ages, but are most common in infants under 5 years of age. It is roughly possible to talk about two types of allergies: first, primary allergies; that is, an allergic reaction to the substance at its first encounter, even if it has not been encountered before. The other is allergies in the form of sensitization that develops over time in contact with the allergen.

Be aware of what your child is allergic to.
Too many substances can cause allergies in children. In the first place, chemicals that come into contact with the skin come from the skin because the skin is the largest and largest organ of our body, and substances that come into contact with this surface can cause allergies by mixing the skin through the blood. Food allergies in the form of eczema from cow's milk, egg whites, wheat nuts, etc. can occur from a very young age (depending on what the mother eats, even if only breast-fed) and in older children, such as pollen, house dust, animal hair and mold fungi. respiratory tract allergies due to inhaled particles.

Skin allergies are more common in young children.
Skin allergies, especially eczema, may occur due to allergen cosmetics and chemicals that come into contact with the skin. Eczema can also occur with cow's milk, egg white, wheat, etc. Skin allergies such as eczema are more common in young children. While eczema decreases with age in these children, as the age progresses (from 3-4 years of age), respiratory allergies such as allergic flu, asthma become more pronounced.

Your child may be allergic to perfume.
Although substances such as fragrance, perfume, fragrans are not “real” allergens such as pollen, mold, or house dust, they are considered to be “irritants de but they can trigger real allergic reactions. It is necessary to accept allergic reaction as sneezing, tearing, nasal itching, headache, skin rash etc. reaction that may occur when these substances are encountered. The most typical allergy to perfume is that of laundry detergents and softeners.

Natural odors can cause allergies.
Hyacinth, thyme, cinnamon, frankincense fragrances found in cosmetics, deodorants, hand soaps, laundry detergents and softeners; the perfumes and fragrances of cloves and cinnamon used in toothpastes in sweeteners in many cosmetics; Geraniol, which is used in cologne, makeup and skin care products and contains lavender, jasmine, geranium oils, can cause allergies. Natural perfumes, which are thought to be very innocent, can also become problematic when combined with chemicals. In addition, a multicentre study conducted in Europe evaluated odor components that have the potential to cause allergies. As a result of allergy tests made with these ingredients, 26 perfume ingredients were found to cause allergy.

When choosing a product for babies, consider:

Particular attention should be given to the choice of shampoo that comes in contact with the baby's hair and entire skin, especially when we think that the baby is bathed every day. 26 shampoos that do not contain allergen perfume, alcohol and paraben should be preferred.

As far as possible, products that have been dermatologically tested, proven to be non-allergic and approved by international organizations should be used. 26 allergen perfume-free baby shampoos and care products should be preferred as odor components.

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