Is my baby ready?

Is my baby ready?

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Is my baby ready to sleep prone?According to the American Academt of Pediatrics (AAP) in 1992, when infants fall asleep prone to sudden death syndrome. Considering this research, families started laying their babies on their back and Sudden Death Syndrome decreased by 50 percent. You need to know… When your baby is six months old, he or she can turn left and right in the bed, which is no longer a danger because the upper part of the body is now stronger. You should still lay your baby on your back, but don't worry if it turns to itself at night, it's not a problem. Can he sleep in his bed with his toys?Although your rabbit collection looks great to you, your little baby shouldn't sleep with toys in his bed until he's a year old. You need to know… Your baby doesn't need anything in his bed. Of course, thanks to a toy you can sleep more than 15 minutes in the morning. However, do not place any toy in the bed until you are one year old.Plush toys: This type of toys should not be too large. In particular, be sure to choose small toys from his head. Books: Keep your baby's books away from the bed, as your baby will be very keen on gnawing. Instead, choose thick cardboard books.Can I carry my baby in the kangaroo?
You will spend the first months of your birth adhering to your baby. It will always be in your lap. That's why there are plenty of products that will release your hands.You need to know… You must read the instructions for use of the product you purchased. Then listen to the opinions of the experts. Carrying from the front: If your baby is weight and height in the instructions for use of the kangaroo, you can carry it with your face facing you. When he can control his neck, which is around three to four months, his face can be moved outward. He knows how to control his head and neck at this age.Can my baby sit in the car with his face to the front?Which one should you base your baby on in the direction of travel? Her age or her weight?You need to know… Both criteria are important. According to the recommendation of American Academt of Pediatrics; he must be at least one year old and weigh around 9 kilos to sit the child in the front. If he travels with his back as long as possible, he makes a less dangerous journey. Because the possibility of hurting the spine is almost lost.

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