Mother's 9 months of life (9 months)

Mother's 9 months of life (9 months)

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If you are working, now you are on maternity leave, you must be excited about the preparations for birth. Since the baby has filled the entire uterus, it can no longer be displaced but continues to kick.

What's going on:
• Baby movements are reduced because the range of motion is narrowed.
• Vaginal discharge becomes darker and more slimy. It may be bloody, brown or pink during sexual intercourse or examination.
• There may be an increase in leg cramps, back pain and a sense of weight during sleep.
• When the baby's head enters the pelvic cavity, complaints such as heartburn, digestion and breathing difficulties are reduced.
• You may want to urinate more often because your bladder is under the baby's head.
• You may feel uterine contractions more often and more severely.
• You may feel tired due to less sleep and the baby gets heavier.
• Your weight gain has slowed down and will stop in this month. You may lose some weight after the 38th week. This indicates that the baby has matured in its entirety and birth will take place within 10 days.

What to do:
• You should go to prenatal visits once a week
• Your growing belly can disrupt the weight distribution and balance in your body, pay attention to your posture and stand upright.

You should now get information about the birth and prepare for the hospital.

N What awaits you while you wait for your baby ” from the book.

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