Stuttering and Things to Do in Children

Stuttering and Things to Do in Children

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Is stuttering a natural process in children?Stuttering, which is a type of speech disorder, includes various disorders such as voice and syllable regeneration that occur during or after the speech, repetition, extension, pause in speech fluency. The causes of this disorder, which is also referred to as rhythm disorder in speech, can be caused by psychological, physiological or hereditary reasons. Reem Neuropsychiatry Center Exp. Dr. Mehmet Yavuz shares his views on the subject.Stuttering is not mental retardationResearch has shown that the reason for stuttering in childhood is the temporary reason that the speed of thinking in children is higher than the speed of speech. Stuttering children are often clever contrary to what is thought. Because children think fast, the speed of thinking remains ahead of speech. Stuttering can also pass by itself if the family is not pressured to correct the speech of the child. The factors that cause stuttering are fear and stress. Stuttering may also occur in a child who does not meet the expectations of the parents and is raised with the spirit of oppression and control.When does stuttering appear?It is a process for children to complete language development. Parents' first words of their children are a source of excitement and happiness. However, the renewal of speech and the search for a word may sound like stuttering to parents. This is due to the fact that children are between the ages of 2-7 and most often between the ages of 3-5 and during the non-fluent speaking period. As part of the creation, women's brains work more effectively than men. Therefore, the normal non-fluent speaking period is seen 4-5 times more in boys than in girls. However, when the child repeats the word during the speech, it sounds as if it stammers. Parents are delusional about the development of children, they magnify the event and make their own diagnosis and decide that their children are stuttering.How can parents support the child?* The most important factor in overcoming stuttering is the language of love. First, the child should feel that his parents love him. * Parents should create a healthy environment for the child's mental and emotional development. Parents' problems should be solved without being reflected to the child. Because tense environments increase stuttering. * Make eye contact when the child is speaking. Such a comparison slows down the child's recovery process. * Especially the mocking and forced to speak have a negative effect. Because of the lack of friends around, friends should be prevented from being ridiculed by other children. It would be helpful for the teacher to guide his / her students on how to treat a child in this situation, that this is a temporary period and that there is no mockery.

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