Benefits of milk

Benefits of milk

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1-The main source of calcium mineral. The most important and well-known benefit of milk is that it is rich in calcium. It is not possible to provide calcium, which is a highly functional mineral, without consuming milk and dairy foods. Dairy foods; milk, yogurt, buttermilk, kefir and cheese.2-It is very rich in phosphorus minerals. The calcium and phosphorus in the milk are balanced and bioavailable. Phosphorus is the building block of protein metabolism and muscle tissue formation. Phosphorus mineral is used in the formation of body tissue and protein synthesis.3-Very rich in vitamin A. Vitamin A, which is an important vitamin for skin health as well as eye health, is present in considerable amounts in milk.4-A strong source of B-group vitamins. Group B vitamins have important functions in energy metabolism. There are a number of B group vitamins that are key to energy metabolism, and a number of B group vitamins are involved in the nervous system.5-Vitamin E; Vitamin E, which is an anti-aging anti-aging vitamin, is present in significant amounts in milk.6-Biotin = milk is an important source for biotin, which is responsible for our hair and skin health.7-Quality protein source. The protein contained in milk has high quality bioavailability as an animal protein and accelerates our metabolism.8-Fatty acid variety is very rich. As important as the amount of fat is the function of fatty acids. A number of fatty acids in milk are essential fatty acids that are effective in growth and development.9-Although the amount of carbohydrate is small, it is functional. The carbohydrate in milk is easy to absorb but not fast in lactose format.10-It serves as a complementary and tough holder support for main meals. Drinking milk at breakfast, lunch and dinner; eating yoghurt, ayran and cacık are foods that increase the quality and strength of the meal.11-A healthy and practical snack. Many scientific authorities now agree on 5-6 meals. Milk is a very convenient and practical nutrient in intermediate meals to create main and intermediate meals that contain carbohydrates, protein and fat at 2 to 3 hour intervals.12-Milk helps in the fight against high blood pressure. The calcium and phosphorus contained in the milk also help in regulating the body's blood pressure and thus reduce the risk of high blood pressure.13-It is effective in removing excess sodium. Calcium in milk prevents the absorption of excess sodium and is functional in its disposal.14-Milk is a drug in the treatment and prevention of diabetes. In the treatment of diabetes, which we also call diabetes; drug therapy + diet therapy complement each other. Milk as a basic nutrient provides a significant benefit in the use of snacks in maintaining sugar balance.15-Slimming diets. In the spring and summer months, we talk about the most and affect our lives the most. Living conditions make us gain weight with each passing day and in time, our route leads to obesity. Drinking milk in snacks and main meals increases diet success and weight loss.16-Our assistant in the fight against bone resorption. Calcium accumulates with the consumption of calcium in the formation of the healthy tissue of our bones until the first 35 years. In the second period after the age of 35, calcium starts to be extracted and excreted from the bones day by day and thus bone resorption progresses with minimal steps. If you take enough calcium, that is, if you consume milk and dairy foods; The acceleration of calcium loss from the bones decreases severely. In our later life, the risk of bone resorption is sensibly prevented.17-It has a significant effect on children's healthy growth curve. There are many factors affecting growth, development and length growth. However, adequate milk consumption has a significant and noticeable positive effect.18-Women's menstrual period is helpful. Women's fearful dream that they live in menstrual periods; milk has a half-effect in coping with pre-premature syndromes. There are studies showing that menstrual syndromes are mildly overturned if you consume sufficient and regular milk during menstrual period.19-Turns circulation, fights edema. It provides support to meet the water needs of the body with its high milk water ratio. Although it has a preventive effect on the development of the edema problem, it is helpful in solving the edema.20-Milk is anti-carcinogenic. It prevents toxin accumulation and shows anti-carcinogenic effect. The mineral balance and structure in its body prevents the accumulation of toxin substances in our body and facilitates its disposal.21-Milk has anti-cholesterol properties. Milk helps our body in managing the amount of blood cholesterol. Milk, like other animal foods, is a food that contains cholesterol. In order to maintain certain levels of blood cholesterol, we have to take a certain amount of cholesterol from the structure of the food regularly every day. Otherwise, our diet contains zero cholesterol, so the liver produces cholesterol. Over time, it specializes in production, accelerates and disposes of control. Cholesterol production increases over time. Blood cholesterol value increases.

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