Male birth control and sexuality

Male birth control and sexuality

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Yeditepe University Hospital Head of Sexual Dysfunctions Center and Urology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Uğur Yılmaz, Vasectomy, which is a contraception method in men, is a very effective method for couples who do not want children.

While counting birth control methods, methods that are generally used by women are known. However, connecting the male tubes is a very effective birth control method. Yeditepe University Hospital Head of Sexual Dysfunctions Center and Urology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Uğur Yılmaz, He emphasizes that birth control in men is easier than in women. Assoc. Dr. Yılmaz said, “The connection of tubes in men is very advantageous compared to other methods. For example, it does not require long-term medication. Or, although the connection of tubes in women requires general anesthesia, local anesthesia is used in men. ”


Assoc. Dr. Yılmaz explains, şöyle The benefits of connecting tubes in men are as follows: doğum In men, birth control is a very simple surgical procedure. Firstly, we do it with local anesthesia and then there are no problems for the patient. During the procedure, we numb the area of ​​the sperm channels. Then, with a tiny incision, we remove and connect the channels and remove a small piece. If the patient comes in the morning, he can continue his daily life in the afternoon. We just don't want him to do hard work for 2-3 days. ”

rarely implemented in Turkey

Asserting that men over 40 years of age who have 2-3 children generally prefer the tube connection process, which is very common in Europe and America, Assoc. Dr. Yılmaz said, yazık Unfortunately, this method is not known in our society. It is thought to affect sexual function negatively. There is no such thing. Only couples no longer want to have children, if they want to eliminate this risk is applied in a healthy way. On the contrary, the procedure may be beneficial in sexuality. Because couples using condoms or withdrawal methods will not have tension at that time, sexuality is positively affected, ”he says.

Assuming that the operation of connecting the tubes is a very simple process but should be done in very careful hands and in a hygienic environment Assoc. Dr. Yılmaz said, ken When deciding on the procedure, the places where this work is done frequently should be preferred. Because the risk of infection is very important. It should pay attention. Or

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