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Read books aloud to your child!

Read books aloud to your child!

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I had the opportunity to read a recent newspaper study in France. In this research, they asked the children ne what presents your mother and father the most to you, and 89 percent of the respondents answered “the book.. This shows that the most important weapon in developed societies is the book! They read and read. Since we are a society that develops itself every passing day, reading and reading books is one of the most important things we need to do. Introduce him to the book at an early age. Here are some of your suggestions…

What do children earn?

  • When you read your child regularly, you will spend more time with your child, remembering these reading sessions as warm and pleasant moments and associating these feelings with the habit of reading books. Therefore, in the future, reading will not be a burden, but a pleasure.
  • They begin to pay attention to the language of the book and begin to understand that there are differences between the language of speech and the language of the book.
  • Vocabulary develops.
  • Have knowledge and perspective about different subjects.
  • Talking about the subject, character and message of the story in the book, they associate them with real life and have an idea about real life.
  • They have an idea about letters, punctuation, word sequences in sentences, begin to recognize letters more easily and associate sounds with letters, thus making it easier to read and write when they start primary school.

What should you consider when choosing a book for your child?

  • Children in kindergarten age are very curious, read them real books, for example about real people, animals, places, historical events…
  • Children are proud of their talents and achievements as they grow up. You can use books to teach your child some skills. For example, you can take a book about this behavior to tell your child that he needs to pack up his room, and then find out that he has similarities to this character.
  • Read books with small stories to your child, then memorize them to have them tell you. This will improve children's memory. But be careful and tolerant when doing the work, be careful not to put your child under pressure.
  • Your child is very open to learning letters and sounds during this period. So try to buy him books with rhyme games and rhymes.
  • Try to get books that are not too short but are divided into chapters. Read one or two chapters every night so your child can concentrate on the book. In books that are too long, children may forget the beginnings of the story and find it difficult to relate the flow to the event.
  • You can get him books to learn to do something, you can do the applications together. Such activities are quite good examples of books to show that a lot can be learned.

When reading a book to your child, note the following:

  • Introduce your child before you start reading the book. Provide information about the book's name, author, illustrator and translator, if available, allow your child to review the book, see pictures beforehand. Ask your child to make predictions about what the book is about.
  • While reading books, follow the lines from time to time with your finger, even with your child's finger. So your child will learn to build relationships between letters, words and sounds.
  • Talk and discuss with your child about the story of the book while reading and after it is finished.
  • Ask your child what's going on in the pictures and let them guess what the result will be by looking at those pictures.

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