Acute Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Acute Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

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Vaginal discharge, fever, chills, anorexia and painful sexual intercourse, which may be yellow in color and sometimes fragrant, may also be manifested as prolonged menstrual bleeding. Infection of the urinary tract may also be added to the picture. In the culture of vaginal discharge from patients, pathogen bacteria grow. Pain examination increases in the doctor's examination. The cervical movements are painful. If the material in the form of purulent discharge flows from the tubes into the peritoneal cavity, an acute abdomen may occur due to peritoneal sensitization. In women with significant abdominal pain and sensitivity, sonography may be useful if there is an abscess form including the ovaries. Pelvic MRI can be used to further diagnose. Laparoscopy is rarely used for the diagnosis of the disease. The indications for hospitalization are as follows: If the patient is an adolescent, a history of drug addiction, suspicion of abscess, no definite diagnosis, diffuse peritoneal infection, fever above 38.5 degrees, if an outpatient treatment fails, there is a recent history of intrauterine density 15000 The patient should be hospitalized if mm3.

Early diagnosis and treatment is important. to eliminate the infection, to end the patient's complaints and to prevent sequelae. The disease can lead to obstruction of the tubes and infertility. This probability is 15% after the first attack, 35% after the second attack, and 75% in the third or more. The risk of ectopic pregnancy increases 6-10 times in these patients. In outpatient treatment, intensive antibiotic treatment is applied. In patients admitted to the hospital, treatment is given by parenteral injection. Rarely, surgery may be necessary in patients with abscesses, especially if tubal ovarian abscesses have exploded.

Infection can also occur during pregnancy due to frequent pool and marine use, especially in summer. In this case, mild cases are treated with antibiotics suitable for outpatient and pregnancy. For those who need to be admitted to hospital, fluid deficit is compensated and injectable antibiotics are given. Acute pelvic infection can sometimes initiate preterm delivery, and it is essential to be vigilant and to eredicate urinary tract infection.

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