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Ways to make your child like books

Ways to make your child like books

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Your child's reading ability is linked to innate language development. Therefore, it is of great importance to support language development from an early age. Many children are starting to go to school from the age of 5 and are trying to learn to read. Usually children do not recognize letters when they go to school and their vocabulary is limited. Therefore, they may have difficulty in reading.
That is why it is important for children to be introduced to books and to make them love them from a young age. Experts emphasize that children must be introduced to books before they can step into the classroom.

So, what should be done for this? Experts have suggestions on this subject. Here are some advice:

• When your baby is still in the womb, talk to her and read to her.
• Read a book to your child for an average of ten minutes per day from birth. Keep in mind that it is okay to read anything to your baby as he cannot detect the difference between the words up to the first 6 months.
• Choose texts that consist of rhyming sentences for your child. Let your child catch the rhythm of the language.
• From the 7th month onwards, children can start to hold something. If your baby's hand tears the pages, it is useful to give books of the kind you won't do any harm. So let him get to know the books from the first months. When you are old enough to perceive that you have a book, prefer moving books.
• Make sure your baby is on your lap when reading. So keep it close to you and will be at peace and close to the book.

When he started talking ...

Once your child has started speaking with small syllables, you should encourage him to speak by completing his words. For example, if a cat says “ke-ke ünde when you see the picture, you can make sentences like“ yes dear she is a cat ”. Or if you see a ball that says “ball siz, you can add additional information like a bir blue ball ine to the vocabulary. Here are other suggestions:

• Create a bookcase at a height that it can reach and index its books there. Even though he uses books as toys, it's more important that they're related to books, so don't take them away. He may be choosing the same book all the time, and that's natural. However, it is important to learn how to read frequently, so keep in mind that it is okay to choose the same book constantly.
• The first role models of children are their parents. The more often he sees you reading, the more often he will take books and imitate you; note. If you want your children to have a tight bookworm, make them see you reading.

Some children learn to read at the age of 5-7 and others around the age of 6-7. Do not put pressure on your child. Encourage him to learn to read without putting pressure on him by supporting him positively.

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